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RE: HF20 Update: Restoring Continuity

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Perhaps new (fresh accounts) - in particular ones transacting with dApps such as Steem Monsters, dtube, VIMM, etc get a pooled bonus to enjoy those apps... sensibly (ie accounts with x steem power, zero flags, and transactions of a certain json) get discounted "transactions" in terms of resource credits that tapers away as their account grows.

Surely every account at dolphin / orca / whale status isn't expected to use their entire allocation of Resource Credits in a single day? Does this not create equilibrium? I could never imagine using my entire bandwidth allocation pre HF20.

I may be missing the whole point, but the true cost of not-transacting on chain at all for these new and on boarding accounts is far greater than the "true cost" of a transaction in terms of blockchain computational cost.

I know that this update lays the foundation for SMTs, and I might be missing something about how RC interact with this, but please, think of the minnows!

They're our future!


@holoz0r, let me add to your submission that Planktons and minnows are users who keep the #steemit platform engaging. Their quest for growth is what spurs frequent posts and comments against what the whales do.

Sadly, this RC computation has totally denied most planktons and minnows of this feeling as they cannot post nor comment. This should be revisited.

Moreover, the RC computation do not show estimates for posts. Estimates are only pooled for comments, voting and poweups. Personally had 19 comment pools. After I successfully made one post, the whole thing drained to 6, implying I cannot post again in the mean time.

@steemitblog, help us by giving estimates of posts or amount of RCs needed for posts so we can plan well.

Thank you for the update though we expect more frequent updates in 6 hour intervals..

This is a primary concern for our group as well. Many of the people who participate in our #informationwar group are under 100 SP, brand new people obviously having the default amount upon account creation.

The best way for people to get more followers and interact with people is to make dozens of comments daily on posts they find interesting. We will see a hampering of growth in tota new accounts are not abl to make many comments daily. Reddit for example, you might make 30 to 40 comments there daily pretty easily, theres so many subreddits you can follow and so many things to comment on. Steem is growing and this will be the case here as well. When users find they can't make a reasonable amount of comments they will likely not want to be here.

Are we going to have the ability to sell our excess Resource Credits and or loan excess Resource Credits? As was stated, people with a few thousand SP can basically make hundreds of comments per day and likely never will use all of their bandwidth(resource credits).

I would really like the ability for the InformationWar account to be able to give out our excess Resource Credits, and or have an option that delegates a % of our Resource Credits out to someone else.

A few ways I think it could work, first one being that you do the same as Steemauto upvoting services do it. Give us the ability to set a threshhold/limit to how much % the IW account can give out in a day. So if we have 10 people signed up under us, and we allocated in total 10% of our resource credits out, and we allow each user to only take one full percentage point per day. Very similar to how you setup curation trail upvote following on Steem auto, preset limits based in %.

Or give us the option to give someone the Resource Credit itself, so we could transfer it like we transfer Steem or SBD from account to account.

There should be so much excess Resource Credits that whales will be fighting eachother for who can price it lower, so the price of such a thing shouldn't be very high.

I welcome all criticism/feedback to this suggestion of course.

Thanks, @truthforce

comment as a bookmark so I can revisit these ideas

Why can't we make Post Playlists? Not just with bookmarking comments, posts, but in making playlists, or I mean lists, like you see on YouTube, but just lists of articles, comments, videos, photos, or whatever that we may find on Steemit and/or anywhere online, offline, or whatever. We also SHOULD have premium content like they have on Gab.

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

I like the idea, but I think it would be nicer to implement such a way of dealing with the RC in a built-in method (managed by the network code, or witnesses). And have let's say a flag you could broadcast, to enable/disable others using your RC (and maybe auto-activate for account inactive for more than... X amount of time). In return, a small percentage of the reward will revert to the RC share poolers (users that wish to share their RC). A limit of RC to share should also be implemented, to avoid locking up accounts (let's say, we could say that I am willing to participate with RC up to 50%, and after that, I would need to wait for recharge). This last bit might be very hard to implement, I am guessing.

The reason I believe it to be best as a built-in property of the blockchain code, is to reduce or avoid gaming situations of price manipulation. And it would allow the entire accounting ecosystem of steem to be used as a resource pool. This will greatly create competition for whales and following investors. But most importantly, this will give or greatly increase the opportunity for minnows to participate with very low bandwidth, more often.

To create an incentive for users to NOT use the system as a reward mechanism ONLY (and kill the network interactivity), the above pool would be consumed in a product of the percentage of each RC for the amount of account inactivity. Meaning that for all inactive accounts, the RC share would be much higher and would unfavour whales to become inactive for the exploitation of the RC share (since the reward of using accounts would be much higher than becoming inactive to grab higher RC).

Really nice discussion.

I love this idea, and was actually going to suggest it on an earlier thread, but I didn't have enough RCs to comment at the time.

@truthforce Your suggestions are really good and based on facts. I really appreciate it and hope all steemit services will resume shortly.

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

There are third party tools (such as which will show an estimate of posts/ votes/ transactions available, however, I am not certain of their mathematical accuracy; given the instability we're all going through right now.

Once the numbers stabilise, I'm sure we'll see the true potential of this "Velocity" Hard Fork come to be.

I hope

We will...have faith, just needs a little tweak for minnows and gold :)

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forwar. Future Is History"

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

What does this mean?
It says i have RC Status 69.71 %|1,269,526,091,571 RC. ... Is this good?

It means you have a trillion RC which is more than mine which I have 211 SP. SO, I can comment more than 100 times a day, or something like that currently, and you probably can do a little more than that as of right now.

OK I feel that you have explained this well and have done some.research. #namaste

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As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

In truth the very real danger is that there will be no future dolphins or whales, which is kind of the truth about mankind. When we have children, the parents have to sink a large portion of the available resources into the health and well being of that new Sovereign Autonomous Life. That investment is the principal authority of the investor or in life the parent. Everyone involved has that principal investment to some degree. Witnesses are a part of everyone and I am sure looking out for there own vested interest. In truth if you don't think that the witnesses vested interest is the same as your own, than why are you here?

If you do believe that the Witnesses vested interest and yours is close enough to be there no never mind, than pay the Witnesses the past performance we have enjoyed. Have faith in the only proper use of faith there is. Just as you know the Sun will come up, because it has in the past. So should you know that those who are working to make our experiences the best that it can be, are. Later we can pick it all apart and see how we can make it better.

For now I say let the drivers drive, and see if we are not where they said we would be?

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

I did a SteemMonster gift card to see the tax and it was zero!

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

If you consider that the dApps will be able to get discounted account tokens and they will likely have RC, they can potentially onboard and delegate to their new users directly in the future. And as you have rightly noticed, you aren't likely to ever need all of your RC so essentially there is the potential to have a bandwidth market where those same dApps or users perhaps can rent lines in various ways, just like Steem delegations.

Seeing what the true costs are however is an important thing to do before concessions can be made. Up until this point, no one knew what was costing what where which meant many accounts were interacting in a type of debt structure without knowing it. Now it seems that it is possible to better allocate resources to where they are needed as we can see where the needs actually are. In time, this should be able to be continuously fine tuned and tweaked to support onboarding and the support of onboards as it will be clear what is required to do so.

The current situation although uncomfortable is likely relatively short-lived but could bring a lot more opportunity as it empowers the Dapps to better serve their users which means, higher decentralization and distribution.

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

Yes. This is EXACTLY where I'm at. Those minnows are gunna bail.

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

Yeah in theory, it sounds great, but this could be open to abuse from bots. If you give too many RC's away to new accounts this could just lead to more SPAM. This is a fine balancing act for sure.

For now, the 'dApps' onboarding new users may need to delegate SP to ensure the new users can use their apps as intended.

Not ideal for sure, but could solve a problem or two.

In an ideal world dolphins and above should be able 'sponsor' or 'buddy up' with new users to share their RC credits. ie. You go fishing in the plankton pool and give someone or many people that you think have potential access to your RC credits. (Let's call it Delegated RC)

Just thinking out loud.

What is spam? Is my comment here spam?

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

its been a long time since the update and my best friend @steemingmark still cant post his blogs?? Please help!?

As we all move ahead in 'oneness..."Reversing Forward. Future Is History"

Can we donate money to new accounts in order to give them more resource credits (RC)? Can we have a test website where hard forks are tested at? Back to my first question, why not encourage individuals to help new users by vetting them, by sponsoring them in joining Steem, financially, instead of by simply expecting Steem to offer too much welfare, socialism, free money, themselves?

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