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RE: Rejecting Hardfork 21, and what rejecting hardforks mean

in #steem2 years ago (edited)

I expect we'll see a double whammy on the price of Steem.

  1. From this hardfork's failure once it goes live
  2. From people dumping to party at Steemfest in a few months (it happens each year)

I've always enjoyed your stance on things. Thank you for stating it clearly.

The price is a measure of confidence in the platform. I don't have any confidence that creators and altruism will flourish with hf21.

The EIP will be a farce used by large stakeholders to fund projects that may go nowhere, when these very same shareholders will have unchanged incomes from bidbots


Price is its own thing. If there's a bull market, the price will pump; if not it'll drop. Of course, long term this model is unsustainable.

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