Morpheus Labs and Steem announce partnership

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Odd That I am the Only One Talking About This on Steemit.

Morpheus Labs is a pretty big deal. These guys help individuals and companies choose blockchains to build third-party dapps. I interviewed the CEO Pei-Han Chuang a few months back. The team is based in Singapore. See the article announcing the partnership, "Morpheus Labs and Steem announce partnership"

My Interview with the CEO of Morpheus Labs.


Lots happening in the background. Hopefully this results in positive price movements in the near future

I saw the announcement which looked good but they didn't actually say what the partnership was about. This is their lack of marketing again. When they do something good it should be shouted from the rooftops but instead they just say that there is something happening.

With good news like this ignored no wonder the STEEM price is falling. Must be almost time to buy.

I am a buyer. Not as optimistic as I used to be but I have more confidence than I did a year ago.

A big thing that is for all of us thanks for sharing about that one !

Great, I’ll have a look. I saw that @theycallmedan is looking for a twitter expert as expressed in his las post. Maybe that’s you!

Actually I have not heard about or let me say I am just hearing about this Morpheus labs but if the partnership of steem with it will help steem to move and grow forward, then this is great to hear about

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