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RE: The recent controversy between Steemit Inc and the community - the premine, control, and where it leads this blockchain

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Well this is rly sad. I'm on this community just a few days and have been reading to learn about it.

I have money invested on Waves an deCRED and now Steem. I chose Waves because I believe its token system is incredible and because its client is awesome and very polished, specially in UX area. I chose deCRED because of its governance.

And chose Steem because of if social media ideas and Steem Monsters being fun and promoting economic flux.

I'm against most ppl's idea of having cryptocurrencies as a investment title, mostly speculative. I believe cryptocurrencies should be used mostly as a payment method, to make life easier and bring ppl closer. Both social media and trades are on that direction, and Steem is on top of that.

I agree with your concerns. Still, as I read u, I keep remembering of Youtube and Facebook. There are also many content creators on them, who invest money and time, and they are on the merge of private companies that have no accounability at all for them. Even though their portals rely 100% on these creators.

What really worries me is if the company is communicating on such a immature way. If it has such power on the community, we're their Consumers. You don't tell your consumers to leave when they are complaining.

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