The REAL Predators You Just Can't Escape When They Decide to Hunt You Down!

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“A robber who justified his theft by saying that he really helped his victims, by his spending giving a boost to retail trade, would find few converts; but when this theory is clothed in Keynesian equations and impressive references to the “multiplier effect,” it unfortunately carries more conviction.”
― Murray N. Rothbard

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@highimpactflix I enjoyed your post. The things that the Senator said are just crazy. Just because you use marijuana doesn't mean you are not a good person. I know plenty of good people that use it. Some use it for medical reasons some don't.
I think the government needs to give up on the "war on drugs" it has never won anything, the only thing it does it hurt the taxpayers and cause more problems than it is worse.
Marijuana is a natural product that helps more people than any drug from a pharmaceutical company ever has. I have a chronic illness that cause severe pain, I wish marijuana was legal where I live, I would definitely use it. The government needs to just butt out and let people grow and use marijuana freely without any type of punishment and do a "war on alcohol" that way maybe the drunk drivers will get off the roads and the alcoholics won't be abusing children or any other family member. I feel alcohol has caused more problems than marijuana, yet the government will allow alcohol to practically anyone. If caught drinking while underage your punishment is nothing compared to being caught with a joint or edible. That is just crazy to me.
I look forward to more of your post.
I really enjoyed your post. I'm very glad I found you on steemit.

i also agree with you

Maybe if Sessions could take his head out of his ass and go after the agents of government that facilitate the protection and transport of much more powerful drugs, legal and not, then he might start to get some respect but he won't go after any of his friends. Say question the actions of the alphabet agencies that move drugs to line their pockets and the authorities that take huge donations from "legal drug" companies. Can he really be this stupid?

Completely out of control.

"This drug is dangerous, you cannot play with it, its not funny, its not something to laugh about..." - substitute drug with government and the statement is incredibly valid.

When will the shit end. It is a flippin plant for pete's sake. When will the truth about the war on drugs being fabricated by the CIA and maintained by our own troops meet the minds of the millions..

Another great video, as always. Could use your speech skills in verbal debates about the illegitimacy of our "government" with people who love govt. Ugh makes me sick that they have no clue and ya know how trying to tell someone the truth these days is very difficult so.. keep fightin!

I think in the law corridor, his intent of robbing will be acknowledgeg before any judgement is meted out.
His idea of robbing though. Lol
'Good people don't smoke marijuanna'? Your comparison on putting a criminal tag on someone who decides to ingest the plant or take pot, to governments not living up to their responsibility is fitting.
Such criminal tags on individuals really does destroy lives because with a criminal record, no employer will want to take you in.
'I am from the government and I'm here to help' is the starting road to criminal label.
Nice sensitisation @highimpactflix

I like this point you made: The government doesn't want you to ruin your life with drugs, so they jail you for drugs, which ruins your life! It really makes no sense. I'm just a middle aged grandma, and I never even smoked a cigarette. But I am tired of the government's "war on drugs." No plant made by God should be illegal. We can talk about the regulation of processed plants, like granulated sugar, cocaine and heroin; but it's time for plants like sugar cane, coca leaves and marijuana leaves to be legal for people to use as they choose.

I like this point you made....The legislature doesn't need you to demolish your existence with drugs,

so they imprison you for drugs, which ruins your life! It truly has neither rhyme nor reason. I'm only a moderately aged grandmother, and I never at any point smoked a cigarette.

Be that as it may, I am burnt out on the administration's "war on drugs." No plant made by God ought to be unlawful. We can discuss the control of prepared plants, as granulated sugar, cocaine and heroin..

yet it's the ideal opportunity for plants like sugar stick, coca leaves and pot leaves to be legitimate for individuals to use as they pick.

Keep up it..✌✌✌✌😉

That would involve reason and that is never going to happen when government is involved. They fuck up everything they touch.

Nice video.
War on drugs has been hurting people because governments dunno how to deal with this situation.
This should be treated like a health problem situation and not like a security situation.
War on drugs just increases violence to people.

Recreational users don't involve a health problem. Some clearly are in trouble with drugs. I see so many that use because their situation is desperate because of government and their foolish spending on useless causes. Let's not give them a blank check to move the war on drugs to a "healthy" drug choice. If people want to use it is at their peril.

I'm glad you make these informative videos. It's upsetting that AG Sessions still wants to enforce unjust draconian marijuana prohibition. There might be enough unrest, if we put aside petty differences, for us to start seek real we're born with freedom.

We need to leave the indoctrinated state propaganda of the 20th century .
One history lesson in propaganda of the 20th century and one will find the older generations were massively manipulated by the state , this is why we don't see any young people calling for the prohibition of marijuana .

That's the US for you, money comes first. Weed is considerably better/healthier than cigarettes. Cigarette companies will loose a lot of money. Jeff is probably being paid off to roll back the changes

don't think there is any correlation between the users of pot going up and the tobacco use going down unless there is a reputable study that confirms this. Silly comment.

I can't tell if this is more Hegelian dialectic or if Sessions believes his own moronic message.

Good publication that leads us to a reflection, really is doing a narcotics control, that is the question, I liked your publication, I will be aware of your next one, I will vote for it and I will be one of your followers, I invite you to visit my publications is the way to support us in this great Steemit family

What an anarchy laden statement from Rothbard. Sounds like an attempt to appeal to the lost heart of the Keynesian economist XD

Good people don't smoke marijuana

So a rapist who doesn't smoke pot is a good person. Get a grip.

I aslo find out wil news information by your this post. I liked it very much @highimpactlix

I think the problem is that we count value in money terms. If I work as a writer and earn 100 USD I can spend them on a new hair cut. The barber will be able to spend it on reading articles I as a writer writes. This can go on forever. This probably is real value for both of us.

However, if I am a producing sting shit from shit and I use an advertising company to make people believe that shit is the shit to have and people buy my shit... in money terms this is maybe the same value but is this value?

Dude will be ancient history in a few months. Colorado aint going back in time anytime soon.

We know Our thoughtful comments will be highly regarded and you will aslo be appropriately rewarded by us.i appreciate your such a encouragement Grow Comment.

That is very true, and you have found one of the best predators to back that up with. A well deserved upvote

“A robber who justified his theft by saying that he really helped his victims, by his spending giving a boost to retail trade, would find few converts; but when this theory is clothed in Keynesian equations and impressive references to the “multiplier effect,” it unfortunately carries more conviction.”

You've said it all @highimpactflix
it just the thruth
You can only keep running but there's no safer place

Do you sell the t-shirts in the video or give out freely for the sensitisation.
I like the shirt with a growing weed on it.

I sell them in my store: Thanks for watching the video.

Ok, I will look them up ASAP.

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governments are real predators with infinite power

Nice post. Predators are everywhere, my advice is that we should be very careful in life to avoid becoming victim(s) of numerous dangers out there. I follow and upvote you.

Wow! all truth... Very nice video and good knowledge. Regards! 👍👏

Nice post! I follow you =)

Beautiful post it is and yeah, I totally agree with this logic.

It is not true that they don't want us on drugs they want us on their drugs.

Dont know who wrote this but I agree

Maybe you could elaborate on what is "Nice" about it. Not a helpful comment.

Let's all keep working to expose the state as the terrorist organization it is. One day this evil will have been trashed to the dust bin of history, but only with our hard work of spreading the message of truth, love & liberty.

Pretty heavy man. Peace ✌🏾

Maybe you could elaborate on what is "beautiful" about this. Dam so many irrelevant comments.

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Awesome post

This idea is right for some, but wrong for others. I can not decide.

What idea are you referring to?

I dont think anything. :)


Maybe you could elaborate on what is "horrible"

Oh shit . You can defenetely not escape from there once they decided to hunt you down . They may think you are their killer or anything like that and they must kill in order to keep themselves alive .
Personal thoughts.

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Oh Yaar , Nice video . You video made my day !!

That shark looks hungry......

beautifull scene

a very good post I really like it please vote my post too

What do you like about the post? I will be glad to reward you with a thoughtful comment that has to do with the content I produce. Thanks.

Good, call them out on shit-posting. Lots of comments here are just not helpful and you cannot even tell if they bothered to watch and understand what it takes to make good content.

@highimpactflix There's more treasure in the book than the robbers on Treasure Island.


Pretty sure the guy who stole my bike just bought crack

Jeff Sessions has no understanding of what he is talking about. He only thinks "I'm gonna get more pharma $$$$ for this". They are trying to patent synthetic marijuana and get every little profit from it without caring for anything else. He's a POS.

Great video!


Which part is interesting or are you just writing something down for exposure.


Maybe you could elaborate on what is "interesting"

Wow nice explaination with beautiful pecture

We need to more security in steemit field.
So this news bad for us.

true..but some one my be escaped through their skills

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WHAT? Must be smoking.

Hahaha...this is beyond the scope of MJ, I believe...

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salam kenal master, posting a very extraordinary, very interesting deserve extraordinary appreciation, best regards friendship from me user aceh steem Indonesia, please give directions for us in order to manage steemit well and true

highimpactflix!! Thank you, your Post.

it was terrible 😲

Maybe you could elaborate on what is "terrible". Bunch of useless comments.

If we get caught by him ..... will be their delicious food

If we get caught by him ..... will be their delicious food

Drugs are not bad,abuse of drugs is the problem.

Love your vids

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