HoneyPod: Face-Lifting the Internet

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Marc pepper has a large family of nine and due to the growing need for internet connection for various purposes in the home, spending on internet usage is inevitable. With Marc having very inquisitive children who often rampage the internet in search of the unknown, Marc is often left to pay exorbitant prices for data allowance at the end of the month. The fact that the internet is bedeviled with numerous hidden services which not just reduce loading speed but also steal and track data of users of the internet is another problem mark has to contend with in other to not just save cost but also to ensure the safety of his children. The kind of information his children access on the internet pose another concern with plenty of information unsuitable for immature minds. For parents such as Marc Pepper to be at rest, a validation and authentication medium must be introduced to the internet which will both improve the internet from a cost and privacy point of view.

HoneyPod is a revolutionary project that seeks to improve interconnection from not just a cost and perspective but also from an incentive and security point of view. The internet is also known to be a hub for malware, virus ,Trojans e.tc which can be very dangerous to not just the privacy of internet users but also to the health of internet devices. With most of these threats permeating the internet, unsuspecting internet users such as kids can ignorantly give these threats access to the internet device but with the advent of the HoneyPod platform a thorough means of validation, authentication, and protection of data streams for internet devices.

Core Features of the HoneyPod Platform

  1. The HoneyPod platform boasts of a hardware unit which is portable and easy to use. One major reason why blockchain projects and technological innovations in general face difficulty in gaining adoption is the complexity associated with the use of these innovations but with the HoneyPod Hardware unit, a seamless, plug and play device is made available to all level of internet users in need of validated, authenticated and protected internet connections. These hardware units require no software or download and can be used effortlessly by even kids on all internet device.
  2. In the nearest future the HoneyPod platform seeks to deliver a host of service that can be quite beneficiary especially on a family level such as Crypto payment for service on the go, Child/Family lock Access Control which will be able to restrict web access for Kids, GSM enablement which will extend the platform services across cell-based wireless connections, a unique authentication mechanism and lastly file Sharing between devices.
  3. Unlike the conventional Blocking medium on the internet which still require data from the user to be channeled into their servers first, HoneyPod gives complete control of the entire validation system to the Users herby giving the user the ability to filter whatever data goes in and out of the system. Another Notable feature of the HoneyPod platform regarding access and control of data is the HoneyPod Trade System (HTS) which seeks to incentivize users of the internet via Honey (HNY) token for giving controlled access to data streams to third parties on the HoneyPod platform.
  4. HoneyPod has a unique dual currency system in which HNY serves as the utility currency of the platform why HNYD as a currency is subject to buyback from the platform. Asides from serving as the principal means of payment on the platform the HNY, HNY provides a unique mechanism for compensating users of the Internet who utilize the HoneyPod platform and as well use the HTS service. HNY and HNYD are both built on the stellar lumen blockchain and the HNY is currently available for purchase in its initial coin offering (ICO) phase scheduled to end on the 26th of May 2019.

Asides from its unique incentive mechanism and its use case at an enterprise level, the HoneyPod platform proposes improved and better internet usage for the home, which can both save the cost of internet usage and create a medium for authentication and restriction of internet connections in the home. With HoneyPod, parents like Marc can rest assured that their children addictive use of the internet won't be detrimental to both the family economics and their own mental health.
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