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New Amsterdam, Suriname, a special place for me personally, but also for many in general. Picnicking, photo shoots, a walk with your sweetheart or with the kids, family and friends, you name it. We often go there. We're on the benches enjoying the amazing views, But it doesn't matter to us that behind the benches, along the paths we walk through there is a lot of trash left there by people like you and me.

I have personally experienced special moments there for my customers ( newlyweds , families, couples, etc.). That is why I thought it necessary to join my friends and start cleaning the dyke and surroundings areas.

We have in mind to do this when ever we can, cleaning up not only our personal surroundings at home but also areas enjoyed by others. What Started as a challenge open our eyes to what is left behind by us when we visit places and the need for all of us to be more thoughtful of our environment and what we can do to leave it a better place than how we found it. This time I did it with just 2 of my close friends, collecting more than 10 bags of trash, what seemed a lot at the moment we where dragging them to the car but it is just a drop of what we can do when we care.

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Many thanks to Brian Kempes and Andy Tanoesemito

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