Ledger Has Competition

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Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 18.05.58.png

There's a new hardware wallet going by the name: Cold Wallet 2.0.

Big claims but can they back it up?

Check out my set up guide and review here:

There are a few things to be aware of with this one, but if done right... it could prove to be a whole new way to easily store your beloved cryptos. (Even Steem!)

Check out the website here


It looks a great device,are you not better off keeping your steem on steemit for voting.the second phone for Security is a good idea,I don’t recall you mentioning the cost.cheers mike

If you're active on Steemit than yes, keeping it powered up would be the most beneficial. For those who want to keep their investments private it's cool that they now have a secure option. (Or at least they will when steem is added to this wallet's capabilities.)
This one costs $149

Not a bad price,thanks for your reply cheers mike

Thank you @heiditravels this was a very helpful video as I was not aware of this wallet, and it was good to see it from box to commissioned. Good job! Oh and yes I could scan your QR code :).

How does this one compare to the cobo hardware wallet? Except for price it looks to be the same basic principal...great review thanks.

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