GAPS Project: predicting future events by artificial intelligence.

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Hello Steemians!

There is a new project I would like to let know about, it is named GAPS project. It is all about using artificial Intelligence to predict events.


G rowing
A rtificial intelligence on collective intelligence
P redictive discussion community
S ervice platform based on blockchain technology.

GAPS is a platform where events of the future are predicted by continuously training artificial intelligence based on collective intelligence.

This means there would be arguments based on questions to asked on the events that would be predicted. So in a community, there would be a Oracle Middleware that would be provided by GAPS system. Which any member of the community would use to refer data or answer for the result.

The platforms saw its necessity from the quote;
"Who predicts the future controls the current."
So the team saw the need of predicting future events through artificial intelligence based on collective intelligence.

Every project has its own problem facing it, the GAPS project have two major ones:

  1. Problems due to centralization
  2. Solution with decentralization but misunderstanding about prediction system.

It is easy to misunderstand this as betting when it is just a predictive system. A predictive system in this regard means assume for event of the future in advance based on the past and current data.

The platforms brings the solution to:
(Anonymity, irresponsibility, swearing, useless, data and waste) vs (rewards, responsibility, argument with collective intelligence and training with agreement).

The GAPS platform has the following solution tools:

  1. Beginning of all training, question and training channel.
  2. Collective Intelligence
  3. Argument
  4. Oracle
  5. Blockchain
  6. Artificial intelligence with machine learning.

You can read more on this on the white-paper which can be found on their website:

It is a great project if you ask me, and interesting too.


This is an interesting concept

It's sounds cool

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