Are WE telling our Mainstream Media user friends about the wonder of Steemit...

in steem •  9 months ago

I don't know about you all but I am making a point to bring up this outstanding Platform to all of my friends (and people I can engage with) !


Most people say " What???? Wow what a cool idea--- do I have to buy that cryptocurrency Bitcoin stuff to get on..?"
When I explain they are always impressed and always want to take a look.


As the Mainstream FB/INSTA/TWT/Youtube etc.. continue to implode people will be hungy for something new.

Let's make Steemit the one they go to...


If you can't tell KIND OF EXCITED about this ...

Let me know your experience ... RESTEEM if you agree !!

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Resteemed! Totally agree with this. Steemit is awesome!!!

#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit there is a whole group dedicated to promoting Steemit and STEEM check out @promo-steem and @stephenkendal they are super legit :-D!

Also welcome to Steemit.