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RE: Steemit Blockchain Team Update: AppBase, RocksDB, Bandwidth, HF20, SMTs, and more!

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Due to the fact that I am a complete novice when it comes to the tech involved, I typically avoid making comments on these types of posts. First of all I want to compliment you on how this was presented. Although I would be lying if I said I understood every detail, I understood quite a bit of this post (great job explaining it to a layman!).

It gives the impression that significant progress is being made in one of the (if not the) biggest areas of need... scalability. Thank you for including the names of huge recognizable companies using RocksDB. Even if I don't fully understand it, knowing that sites with a huge user base use it makes me excited that we are planning to have a similar (or even bigger) user base.

It also seems that there has been significant progress on SMTs. Including the details of the significant changes was a great idea.

My favorite piece is the revelation that HF 20 is being pushed to the forefront again. That signals to me that significant progress has been made in many other areas that will allow manpower and resources to be spent on it.

I can't wait for the launch of these so that we can use them to help the community to grow and thrive.


Thanks so much for that thoughtful response @hanshotfirst. It's really helpful to know which parts of the post you found most useful.

Did you write this @andrarchy? Man, you were a great pick for this position!

Thanks @bbrewer! I oversee the content production system of the organization, but this specific post was written by an amazing team mate of mine @plink01001 who has a much better grasp of the technicalities of the blockchain. I'm happy to say that the Content Team is now getting to a stage of development and organization where we can produce far more content together than I ever could alone.

That is awesome man! I have been a fan of yours for a long time.
Kudos to @plink01001 as well. This was a great update and instills a lot of confidence that good progress is being made.

Aww shucks, thanks for the support!

The question remains... when will SMTs come out... seems like Q3 is not likely anymore... I heard those rumors that it would be beginning of July... after reading this my doubts increased... 33 tickets open for SMTs...

What can I say, you said it all, I agree, these are important points as many Steemians are not writers of code or proficient at translating technical terms to everyday language, but this article did a very good job and this comment sums that sentiment up nicely.

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