RE: The Price of Steem Will Always Go Down

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{Image Courtesy Frank Tzant}

If you missed this insightful article by @xeldal discussing the price of Steem and its downward pressure to naturally lose value I encourage you to read it.

As one of my favorite authors, @xeldal gives a simple explanation to understand why Steem is something you don't want to hold for very long and Steem Power protects you from losing value when held long term. However, you will be intrigued to learn that while you may be earning 90% interest on Steem Power per year it's not exactly in the way you may be thinking.

Read the full article.

The Price of Steem Will Always Go Down... It's Suppose to: The Magic of Steem Power

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I have no steem only steem power and steem dollar yet the prize in usd it is going down therefore I cannot say the value against the usd is preserved.