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RE: How to Launch a Steem Power Backed Smart Media Token!

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Before you read, I'm giving away $80 here:

I'm attempting to create a protocol through which I both gain followers as well as help out followers who care enough to pay attention and read / watch / listen to my content. The whole process is going to be completely open and transparent. I want to earn money doing what I love. But I also want to make it so that it is easy for other people to do what they love so long as their content is at least pretty good.

This is my first video in a long series of videos where I will detail out my plan as well as give away a bunch of cash for people that are paying attention. If you are frustrated by what appears to be essentially a collective self voting bot where you don't really benefit, please check out my idea. If you think it's garbage, REPLY IN MY FEEDBACK VIDEO WITH YOUR CRITICAL FEEDBACK, we'll have everyone rank the ideas, and I'll respond and fix the idea to address the feedback.

One of the key problems with content nowadays is the 1-directionality. It just doesn't work. We almost are coming to a place of collective discussion, but with scams like JBC, that's never going to happen.

I apologize in advance for spamming this, but I'm so sick of huge content creators alleging to help the little guys while the platform still suffers. I don't think a coin is going to help anyone.

I think we need to develop new open source protocols that we can share and build upon together. Please head over to any of my channels and listen to these ideas. I think they're good enough that I'll literally pay you to listen.

Thanks in advance,



Far too much spam. Once was enough. I won't flag all of them.

Pro tip: If you want people to pay attention to you, don't be annoying. Think about life, you're on the street, there's a crowd of people. Are you going to say the same thing to each of them individually, or loud enough once so they all hear?

I'd say it once loud enough to hear.

Very much struggling with the platform when I first tried creating quality content and not spamming. Don't want to use vote bots. Don't want to have to join some rigid clan of upvoting.

Your analogy would be accurate if the curation on this platform worked, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't very well unless you have >$20,000 invested.

I'm going to begin posting content more regularly, and I'll also take responsibility for not being very persistent, but at a certain point in time, you have to realize that you've got to do what makes most sense for your time and for me - that wasn't participating in the platform because it just didn't work. Ironically, that's what @jerrybanfield is claiming he's attempting to fix...

I just had a look at your blog. It is 100% your fault you're struggling here. You produced about 20 posts, total? What were you expecting? I made about 18 cents from my first 20 posts. You earned more. That wasn't enough? How was it not working? There are youtubers out there who've been working for 5 years and haven't earned a penny.

I earned everything in my wallet, here, through posting and curating. I don't purchase votes, ever. I didn't join some sort of rigid clan. I just do my own thing, some people like it, some vote. This place works fine.

Spamming will just get you flagged. You're doing it wrong. Be social. Not anti-social. My analogy was wisdom, based on experience.

This place isn't perfect. Many people delegate away their SP and can't even vote for others. Then they write up posts, sit, wait, and can't seem to figure out why nobody is voting. Jerry won't fix a goddamn thing. He's part of the problem. He encouraged these people to delegate. They could sign up for this piece of shit plan, then sit there and wonder why they're only getting his one small vote he's offering, while nobody else is voting, because they delegated the goddamn SP to him. These folks promise these people they'll make money, but they don't. They'd make far more if they simply posted and voted for each other, slowly building up their SP, and eventually over time, like the rest of us, earning more and more, but they're just too goddamn gullible and would prefer shortcuts that don't work. Someone like me comes along to tell them the truth, and they don't listen. It's their fault, their decisions, not the platform's.

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