STEEM is Showing a Bullish MACD Divergence

in steem •  2 years ago 
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Love this!! It's time :d

You once reviewed a coin called EXCL and included it in your Jaws of Wealth. If you have time an update on EXCL and DGB would be AMAZING!

What do you think about this analysis?

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I have a question Haejin. You've shown and suggested many times that Alt Coins suffer or have a trait of having incredibly slow corrections.
Other than noticing extended 5th waves on breakouts - why do you have have more bullish counts on some alt coins (STEEM, ETH, LTC, EOS etc) but others you're adamant that they need multi-month corrections for wave 2?

I was thinking that perhaps if they're in the "Top 10" market cap you can assume the liquidity is higher and thus would need less of a correction.
Correct me if I'm wrong but is it not a poor technique to base future projections solely on previous trends (Hurry up & wait syndrome)?

I am waiting for a good time.

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O my sides...

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People need to chill... that was some funny shit man!

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that's a no brainer steam is well below what it should be.
if you haven't purchased steem yet and put it in your steem power for savings. your already behind buy a little every week.

Very good publication I like it too much, it's a good topic

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Been there many times too friend....thanks for the updates haejin...i always like to see another EWA perspective

I have just recently started using this site and I have already bought a bit at 20.000 Satoshi. Waiting to see where the market goes before I pick up some more.

What do you guys think of SBD? It starts to look even more attractive than STEEM, in my opinion.

Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

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I think I'm pretty tired of seeing your bullshit. I come to Steemit every once in a while, then I scroll down and see the comments and quickly remember why I don't come back very often. This place is toxic. It's like Lord of the flies around here. The human race is fucked. Great community you're trying to build here.

We won't stop until his ends!!!


Ah ha ha ha ha!


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