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A while ago I had the privilege of running into the team behind and introduced them and their planned support for military veterans in this post. Since then, a lot has changed. launched for testing and grew to include great crypto trading features.

What is Niffler?

Niffler is a platform that allows users to practice crypto trading without the risks. Read their introduction post here. Traders are paid to mentor others and have a chance to earn additional rewards through special events and contests.

Getting STEEM listed has so far listed a range of high-volume coins. It would be amazing to see STEEM listed alongside them as one of the initial coins for users to practice trading with. Trading STEEM in a sandbox will translate to encouraging experienced traders to explore STEEM, invest and join our ecosystem.

The team at have agreed to list STEEM if the community support was there. They created a special sign up page for ourselves:

If we can harness the power of the #ssmbd initiative and easily manage to win the Netcoins contest then we can get this done too.

Why its worth it

Let's start with the rate of development and the product itself. This is my dashboard with my trades. It's interactive and has overall been an excellent experience. The userbase is rapidly expanding.

This is part of the cryptocurrencies tab. STEEM would look great there with the rest of them.

This is the actual listing information page.

As you can see, this would give us a great professional profile with a lot of exposure amongst the trading community. It would also allow Steemians using the Niffler platform to explore branching out through STEEM into other cryptocurrencies without incurring losses.

Free listing

The listing for STEEM is free, providing the support is there. It won't stay free forever so we must act now. Click on the link below, sign up and show your support for STEEM while enjoying this innovative new trading platform at no cost to yourself.

Sign up here to get STEEM listed

Watch our blog and @niffler for future announcements. I am not a employee, I'm just a regular fan of trading and promoting STEEM.

Like what we're doing? Support us as a Witness.
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It could be practice for witnesses to help support exchanges to keep the exchange STEEM node functional and how to resync them which is a major problem that no-one is addressing.

You are very right, it is something very important that works very well.

I think we can do a lot of that through promoting good, up to date documentation. So far that's been one of our main issues.

Thank you all @guiltyparties @socky @lanzjoseg Let us know how we can be of any additional help for any of the above mentioned, Thank you all again from all of us on the Niffler team for all that you do, day in day out!

I would like to see witnesses support exchanges to get their STEEM node operational each time there is a STEEM blockchain issue. This leads to suspended wallets with no understanding on when or if they will ever recover. Steemit Inc refuses to do it, most users can't do it, and exchanges don't care. The slack needs to be picked up by witnesses.

This would be possible only in cases where a specific witness has an existing dialogue with the exchange. It goes hand in hand with your push to get witnesses active in listing coins. A witness that lists the coin will likely have the relationship in place to get the nodes operational .... providing that same witness knows how to run their own node, which isn't always the case.

You got it.
I wish Steemit Inc would delegate the responsibility to specific trusted witnesses since they won't do it themselves. (for the existing exchanges)

come one steem community let's do this :)

Thanks for information on niffler .co exchange now let steem listed.


Made an account. I was looking for a crypto simulator for a while, I will test it. I would recommend to make regular posts on niffler to get more attention.

Thx for you feedback earlier today on site @riseofth It's been nice chatting with you and we look forward to learning from your trades!

I signed up. Also I feel niffler can use SMTs to track user activities once we are ready.

Thanks for taking the time to sign up @bobinson! We look forward to having you a part of the community!

Most welcome :-) @niffler

On a radio show, a friend asked, how to to show support for STEEM if you are already on @niffler

I think its a very valid scenario and need to address if we are not already addressing it.

Hello @bobinson, we got you! Sounds like you have a great friend! We manually added +1 to the page ;-)

Thank you, that's very sweet of you :)

I think this is something that can be explored when SMTs are out. There's no reason not to go that route the way I see it for any service/platform.

Agree. The rewards and earnings can be on SMT and @niffler can be a truly a blockchain playground living in a blockchain. This help them to avoid the trouble creating the entire reward structure and also providing transparency.

Sounds like we have another thing the community can work towards too! Lets start spreading the word!

@lunaticpandora From the entire team THANK YOU!

That’s lovely!

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Thx @minlolou We can say the same about YOU!

I'm inspired by your post and asked my local exchanges today see if they can list STEEM and SBD too!! Totally awesome and thank you very much!!

Thank YOU @Minlolou That is very kind of you and we can honestly say the entire team at Niffler appreciates it!

This is a good one. Another community effort call which I think we should all answer.

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Thank you @Ketcom We truly appreciate the support! :-)

@niffler, you're welcome.

Resteemed on all of my accounts, I already signed up last time so not much more I can do really.. lol

Maybe spam some discords.. haha


yes sent this link to discord channel of steemstem, steempress, steemhunt :P

Thank you for the support @pjau!

The more places that we can get STEEM listed on, the better. We just got it in physical stores with Netcoins. Lets use this community for some more good.

Thank YOU @rishi556 we look forward to adding/listing STEEM in the near future and appreciate your effort in making it a reality!

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