What is Evergreen Content?

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Creators often use different forms and means of earning rewards for their content. For example, Patreon sprung up not long ago and is now a billion dollar company in response to YouTube removing many content creators from Adsense monetization. Google uses the Adsense platform to distribute rewards to creators on many sites including YouTube.


They monetize views/clicks and sell these advertisements to different customers. The system does have its fallbacks like demonetization and fair distributions, both are things the Steem's Blockchain can innovate upon. One setback does come with Steem's Blockchain regarding earnings, the 7-day window for content monetization.

Having a more significant time window for creators to earn rewards is vital to Steem's core mission. My personal belief is the Steem mission is to decentralize currency into as many hands as possible, while also redistributing wealth around the globe. Bloggers, Vloggers, Musicians, Live Streamers, and many other creators already find success utilizing large content monetization windows. For example, creators on YouTube already earn money from videos created many years in the past.

Making this happen in Steem is not easy. As posting requires a private key to be held by a third party if the user doesn't keep his device running 24/7 to continue to keep re-posting the content. Another issue with evergreen content is that Steemit.com still ranks the highest with Alexa.

In theory, if they do not allow DAPPS to re-post into feeds without spamming them, it can cause friction between users inside the blockchain. You can find some examples of this already, one being bi-lingual Steemians re-posting the same video using different language translations getting flagged for posting different but similar content.

A change within Steem's culture is probably not a bad thing in this one aspect. Many on the platform also looked at Dtube injected content as "low quality" to start with. I disagree with this notion. As I believe content value is subjective to the individual.

I've learned an incredible amount from DTube content creators and to say their content isn't valuable is highly inaccurate from my personal experience. This is another why evergreen content needs to happen sooner than later. The sooner we enable creators to earn evergreen money the less probable it is to see friction develop from the change.

What do you think? Should DAPPS build platforms that will allow evergreen content, enabling creators to earn for many years to come?

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Yes! The 7-daybw window is what holds some creators back, I think. And what's frustrating as. A use is finding an old how-to video that I want to upvote, but the time period has passed. I believe if that time period could be extended, the level of quality would go up exponentially.


I agree, I often find content, almost every single day, that I want to upvote and it's past payout period. One of the most frustrating things when you curate I believe.

I like the word "evergreen" green is my favourite colour
If you realize, number of votes usually declines after a few days... but what about those posts that were made for the community and are constantly revisited and a resource... tutorials, and so on.... people still go and check them all the time. I still see @carrieallen markdown tutorial from time to time to refresh... why not being able to vote... I don't understand the complex things behind the blockchain technology but I'm sure if something "deserves" past payout tools will spring to make it possible one day.


I love to find old tutorials. I would love an easier way to give them a bit of an upvote for their hard work. :)

100% agreed, no two words about it, IT needs to be done, sooner or later, but needs to happen. That 7 day interval doesn't encourage the creation of Immortal level quality posts. And I've found posts incredibly good from months ago that deserve a vote just like the more recent ones, I can't provide an economic solution but we do need to make it eventually.


It just takes the right incentives for dapps to want to do it. If many users want it they will want to implement it more.

I agree! Since I am a YouTuber I am used to earning money on all of my videos regardless on how long they have been there. This would be a HUGE feature to bring Steemit to the masses I think, and vital for the future.


Exactly my thinking there mrchef. Your videos deserve evergreen. They are worth more than 7 days. I believe they could earn for years.


Yeah I realize some content has a self life, but other content like cooking doesn't change much over the years! LOL :)

A dApp could simulate post 7-day rewards by redirecting votes to a fresh comment. The most direct way would be to post a comment using the content producer's account. This is less of a security risk if multisig is used. The dApp could hide the vote-catching comments in their UI for a cleaner user experience.
Without a posting key/multisig, the dApp could do the same comment trick with an account controlled by the dApp and pass the earnings on.
So, it's not impossible but there are a lot of gymnastics.


Interesting thoughts there. I agree the comments are also possible. Steemit has a post on the @steemitblog in a comment that explains it could be done via comments. I've also talked to developers and they have said it can be done with custom json similar to how a follow is put on the blockchain except it would link two posts together and hide the new post, just activating that upvote button on an active post. Or just doing this if someone clicks upvote even to reduce spam.

I think it’s important to remember things will always change. In evidence of this I want to present this 1980s Wendy’s training video. Omg this video. Looking back it’s obviously silly but at the time it was a standard. People thought and conceived in meetings and funded the video. Thousands of people probably watched it. Content is subjective and always subject to change. You’ll never go any where looking straight down.

Here’s the video, it’s amazing!


I think steemit should provide an option of rewarding posts that's past payout, this way contents can be immortalized and still appreciated despite the seven days barrier


I agree. Content needs to be able to have an extremely long shelf life. If not forever. Because much of it is of very high quality and deserves the views.

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