Exchanging Value For Services Through Votes

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For the past two years, most voting doing on the Steem chain has been based upon content creation. Good content tends to get up voted and bad content tends to get down voted. Seeing how this limits Steem in many ways, I think we may see a shift coming, changing these core chain dynamics into ones based more off of the exchange of services for value.


Say for example you wanted a Starbucks coffee, the Starbucks brand activates a post or comment and allows users to up vote it, if this happens one day I'm sure many of us would enjoy the ability to get that cup of coffee on the house in exchange for some advertising coming in the form of an up vote from a highly reputable account.

One clarifcatin I need to make is by reputation I'm not speaking about the number on Steem, but community stake. Do people respect and follow you? Many people watch YouTube videos with products given to the YouTubers for free. Same concept here, but inside the decentralized blockchain called Steem.

Enabling these blockchain external value exchanges could end up to be beneficial to the users and dapps that operate today. For example One Love Discord's hosting service provides a daily update post on the blockchain that users can up vote and help to provide support the service they use.

This sort of decentralized and user based sharing is what lacks on chains like EOS or Ethereum. People tend to only want to make money for them self and thus an ensuing cash grab destroys most of the legitimate businesses and customer base.

Do you think the Steem blockchain can only work for content in the future? Or do you think decentralized services can be provided?

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I think the biggest problem with making something like that happen would be the fact that we'd have to fork the ability to remove upvotes out and I don't see that ever happening. There are probably people who would get coffee and then just remove their upvotes if they weren't satisfied with the product or whatever. Interesting thought though.


No i mean after the 7 day period. You could up vote a post , get a voucher for a free coffee after the 7 day payout. This would be more for the value in having genuine non bot promotion / commenting on posts vs having pure bidbot use-age everyone can track.


hmmm you know what? Realistically I think they could make this work either way... but it would probably spam up the blockchain... basically make a comment that will expire every 5 minutes for their operating hours and you vote the closest one to payout.


Well considering Starbucks has the $ to pay for RPC nodes I think the spam thing will be okay as it does not take much data to repost and upvote. Spam isn't that big of an issue if value is there to bring outside investment in.


Only nobody can make them run an RPC, and even though starbucks might opt to, I doubt the 10 million independent coffee dudes and food trucks would.

Our current example shows us our current app builders don't even run their own most of the time.

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I think services is the next step. We all provide a service one way or another with our content. Entertainment, instruction, what have you. Let's seize the opportunity to sail the ocean the way we like. I mean , thus far it is mostly a circle jerk machine.