Trade and Money, value creation

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Recently came across to these 2 videos which I think most of you find valuable.

Why do we trade?

Same things goes on Steem and any blockchains! You need value creation to drive Steem economy. Be it by tools and services, content, etc.

You Trade time and attention, energy to gain Steem. So these trades are mainly to maximize your utility by voting or encouraging other users to join, marketing, developing you brand. Trade makes value creation more efficient.

What we need is to improve our trading utilities inside Steem so that community or the economy as a whole can prosper, increased liquidity. I think, now is the time we push marketplace on top of Steem. Hope to see some developers explore this area as well, I know I will implement this on eSteem by utilizing already what we have, it will be marketplace for services and goods. Imagine we have whole economy where you earn and trade goods and services you daily use/need.

What is Money Really?

Well, we all know by now how money is created by banks and above video also touches on that subject. But no magicians here :)
By improving our trading and utilities, we will increase not only adoption but also balance supply and demand in Steem economy.

Let me know what do you think...

Steem on!

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A marketplace built on top of steem would definitely be a killer app. It helps to increase the number of users and also the engagement of the users, thereby increasing the value of steem.


I like your style!


You DID steal it!

Good for you!!!


Agreed, a marketplace would be hugggeee. Imagine getting paid for you Amazon reviews. Good Stuff.

In deed, if there's more accessibility, then more people all over the world, including the ones not used to trading at all, will eventually have a foot into the digital money world. Everyone would gain from that and it would allow for a proper levelling of financial powers throughout the populations.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I'm buying, selling, mining :) Doing all I can to decentralize, or centralize to me :D
Really encouraged from market's data. Hope to have the right view on what's happening. We haveto take care every day for some currency, and long term for others


Following and voting...well done!!!


Yes, "centralize to me" -- that right there is beautiful coinage of termage!


Tx mate!

Totally agree with you. When we provide value, money will follow us in return. We are the drivers of Steem economy.


Might I add an alteration to the meme... a collection economic systems... crypto-currency could become maybe a single one... or maybe a patch work of interchangeable competing cryptocurrencies. Preferably done so they work with each other.... like maybe a video streaming coin that embed the stream in a steem post... for example... or maybe even opt-in charity coin models... we could fight for clean water... fight hunger... this is what interests me in steem and in bitcoin.

🍒 Totally agree, thank you for the post, I'm always interested in learning more about how the economy works, you explained it very well :)

I love the concept, making money from thin air.
Banks do it by lending etc.
Now Crypto is doing it :-)


Ultimately, value creation and utility is giving value to any money/token/etc.

Very good post! Thus has the capitalist system worked for 150 years. With Bitcoin, the debt system will end soon, the elite know it and are afraid!

Two main investors on steemit: Content creator and Curators.

If you're a content creator you don't expose yourself on to risk when trading time, attention and energy in steemit irregardless if you're powering down or powering up. But if you're a Curator and you invest time, attention and energy including lots of money, you expose yourself in a certain level of risk. As a Curator-Investor, powering down or powering up will create a big impact on Steem's value in the market.


Content creators are also investing time. All sides are trading/investing some level of energy. Question is whether we will evolve to more balanced and growing economy...


nice Brother :)

the killer ap for steem would be an EASY and convenient 'ebay clone' and and 'ATM"
not the three part conversion processwe have now.


Exactly, that's what I said in a post. Having marketplace would create cycle where money moves inside and creating these types of utilities would be killer :) If you have well designed marketplace, even ATM won't be necessary...

Do you guys think steemit if given more time can come close to twitter? Atleast?


Steem has potential to surpass that, given more time!


I feel you,thats why i have invested on steem crypoto currency, will follow you pls do the same.


I'm thinking more along the lines of coming close to Google!

great info: if there's more education like this, then more people all over the world, including the ones not used to trading at all, will eventually have a chance to play into money world. Everyone would gain from that and it would allow for a fare trading throughout the populations.

Its quite hard to trade...
Otherwise nice post 😉

If you want more info about how money works I suggest you type "Money as Debt" in your favorite search engine!


Thanks for sharing! In my opinion, it looks that we are entering bubble territory for a vast majority of alt coins (except Bitcoin probably). Just think about and analyze the following facts:

At least several dozens alt coins market caps skyrocketed 300%-4000%(yes, four thousand!) recently just over last 2 months!

The beginning of sharp increase happened around middle of March of 2017 for ALL alt coins!

Yes, some alt coins sharp increase is logically justifiable. For example, Ripple XRP: . Maybe there are couple other alt coins where this huge growth is also justifiable.

But for vast majority of other alt coins nothing has changed drastically during the last 2 months! At all! Neither in their technologies development, nor in their business development! But nevertheless, their market cap skyrocketed 300%-4000% in just 2 months!

The only explanation which comes to mind is that huge amount of new capital is coming to cryptocurrencies market. Probably these are the people/investors who have heard about the first wave of Bitcoin and Ethereum successes, and they have a FOMO (fear of missing out) now. They don't have deep understanding of cryptocurrencies space and their differences, but because of FOMO they still invest in all other alt coins hoping to hit jackpot!

Does it remind you anything? Yes, exactly, dot com bubble of 2000 looks very similar!

Therefore, I would expect some kind of significant downside price correction within next several months for the majority of alt coins. Would you agree?

Interesting point of view!

Following and voting...check out my site! We have some things in common!!!

Great info. I am a newbie ( just 5 days here maybe with no idea of Block Chain and Crypto currency) here but trust me I'm learning fast. Thanks I'm following you now.Cheers!!!!!

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Decentralization is key to the future of our global economy!

Very good introductory videos.

One of the cryptocurencies that raised in Aceh is Bitcoin, you know, they promote it labeled 'investment" with multilevel marketing. They make a contract with people whom give em the money for buying coins. Right now they build an office in Lhokseumawe.

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I just stumbled upon your profile and pretty stoked I did!:) 😎
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