100,000 transaction sign:

dsteem: 51376.950ms
1,946 tx/s

steemTx: 58886.287ms
1,698 tx/s

10,000 transaction sign:

dsteem: 5605.882ms
1,783 tx/s

steemTx: 6554.588ms 
1,525 tx/s

SteemJS is too slow for such huge tests
100 transaction sign:

steemJS: 7930.872ms
12.6 tx/s

I think the difference in the performance is because of the used dependencies.

Thanks, that's promising. Using with crypto-js ?

We moved to dsteem due to better performance and footprint, each package should be secure and fast with minimal dependencies. It is important for us at eSteem, so will be testing this out.