Any explanation what 22.444 version really is?

Protest version. 4 is an unlucky number in China. Hence the 4 4's.

By fighting each other we are just making things worst for the whole STEEM.

Wish we as respectful businessmen could get along fine, and build a big empire.

I really hope that you can make a different on the town hall meeting. It's so confusing for us here on steemit. It's okay with the soft fork...22.2 but.. what's that 22.5? Ridiculous!

i agree with you, except the "meeting" will be more like an ultimatum.
but i'll be happy if i can keep my stake in both steem and steem classic, even better if esteem & steempeak would be on steem classic + SMTs.

I also 100% agree with you! The STINC decision really was apparently wrong. What the freak is going on?

You have my vote. Thank you for taking the time to address this major issue. I am stunned by the recent events and we need to take a stand!

I give 100% vote for you 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 shere more info whats up there and how all moves. This makes as more strong.

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There will be a REAL town hall meeting in the PALnet discord server today at 12PM EST, 5PM UTC with REAL Steemians and REAL witnesses.

Great! We stand for the community.

Love seeing you on the #1 witness spot as I right this comment. We can do this! I came to Steemit for the grassroots vibe years ago, only to be directly and negative affected by an arrogant millionaire. However, I am impressed by the way us Steemians have rallied the last several days, it's really inspiring. !BEER !trdovoter !giphy town+hall

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