Lovely story! :-) Maybe this will turn into reality one day and many of us will be laughing our way to the bank! Happy April Fools. ;-)

It takes time to sink in.
Guess some steemians think otherwise.
Keep on steemin'

You are a little late. April fool ends at midday!!

I won't believe you!

In a perfect world this would have been true.

It depends on your perspective. It would increase the price but steemit would lose everything it has become. I suppose it really depends on what you value more!

thanks @good-karma,
I hope this will become reality one day)
Happy April 1st to you :)

I wonder what’s going to happen once the offer arrives

Before reading the comments, I was like.. WTF!! Are you drunk or doped?
Then I realized it is Fools' Day. Lol

This April fools joke can become reality very soon....

haha 😂 good fun for today

Happy April 1st to those who don’t enjoy reading tags!

Please try again next years, Feruz! 🤣🤣

Good joke!😀

Cheers!!!! Steem to the moon.

Facebook will probably compete with steemit, in giving appreciation to its authors.

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I ask @good-karma can vote me steemit @rahmatthidayat username, please vote yes!

Damn mark is shady , Steem is the best -Http://

I'm selling if anyone is interested

Very interesting news but is thie going to happen ?
Let'st wait together @good-karma

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I wouldn't have been shocked to learn that Facebook was buying Steem. It's at very low prices and wouldn't be hard for FB to do. The whole $23/share thing tipped me off that something was wrong. I didn't know people still did April Fools things. You're the first I've seen in a long time. Congrats.

Stay STEEM .. let us delete facebook

steem will buy facebook

those big fish is in joking,😁plankton just stay cool. 😙

they wish. april fools day good one

oh man, I really believed that for a second, and even checked coinmarketcap...

oce @good-karma, happy toast, thank you for posting

Lol....seriously?......hope this is not april fool. I have been a victim countless times today

seriously? i hope so.

FB would only buy Steem to shut it down or corrupt it.

well you're right, that's a lot of steem to buy

someone feel jelous now

Hehe... Try again next year.

Wait a minute... Is Zuckerberg in on the joke? Check out his latest tweet on facebook... Weird timing..

Great informations with you mr. @good-karma and always in amazing contributions

Look what day we have today ;-)

Hahha april mop today

only 1 April such dreams comes true ;)

an impressive post


Haha! Looks like your beard grow with the STEEM price while reading this post!

I was about to believe the whole thing but then seeing that the price of steem is $23 i had to look at the post time span again then i remember what today is. April fool!

good post

A good information in your post is good-karma

Thank information

That's really something great news and in my opinion we can hope the great future of Steemit and Steem Blockchain. Thanks for sharing this news with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

That would be kind of scary, imo. I want nothing to do with FB. :)

Good one 😆😁😄🤪

Phew!!! I was about to lose my shit then I remembered what day it was nice work @good-karma hat tip to you sir. 😂

Zuckerberg is still trying to figure a way out of his latest nonsense... but he's done it before, he smells like the shit he is, yet comes out smelling like a rose... Happy April Fools day.

Pelan pelan facebook akan di tinggalkan

is this April Fool again? :D

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

thanks @good-karma,
I hope this will become reality one day)
Happy April 1st to you :)

OMG you got me! I read your whole blog and went garrrrrrrr lol

You make me believe you and I resteemed it! The next thing I saw at the bottom is the tag 'foolsday'.. 😂

,with the success of this steam project We should be proud of hope for the future and until whenever steemit and steem can not be lost any project thanks

Quite possible @good-karma. I've had preliminary discussions with Facebook on the take over. Watch this space...

you are amazing. this is valuable information

Hahaha.. happy aprilmop

A good information..but.really??? i Belief that....

i stay with esteem app..

If it's true... then we see moon in no time. Unfortunately today is April. xD;

The comments woke me up.. that is April Fool's Day...😁

I think it is a great post if it is a real news...

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You make me laugh with this ... APRIL FOOL

Great News!

Sekilas informasi ini dapat kita rangkumkan. Dan ini sangat berguna bagi kita. Terimakasih banyak atas informasinya @good-karma

Thanks for the chuckle. This was a great idea to start April with. Facebook buying steem, lol, you went there...

information that is encouraging,you always make us feel that the world feels so close, a success that we should celebrate,👍

a remarkable progress .... at last they also follow our steps

thank you @ good-karma for the information, which is quite valuable, I am @abitblocksteem once again congratulate and succeed

thank you @ good-karma for the information, which is quite valuable, I am @mursalabdurrauf once again congratulate and succeed

Hahaha. Lol.
If you fool me once shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on me.

thanks friends for the information, it means that Facebook is not competing with stemiit and esteem.

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A great development on facebook👏a lot of patience it.
Good luck👍

so they can leak data of steemit just like facebook :D

we remain true to ourselves

Here it makes me comfortable and happy

really amazing, hopefully steem prices continue to increase ..

Hehe editing Photoshop cc 2014 copy right @dunsky love you @dunsky for drawing beautifull.

ha ha. This joke is full of sarcasm. But it is possible that this joke will soon be true. we still hope and believe! You do not accidentally from Russia dear friend? I have not heard that the first of April celebrated in other countries. As they say in Russia this holiday"fool's Day".

Haha! I was going to answer to @themanwithnoname comment saying that this post have some Russian roots actually :)

Hi @good-karma
Excellent article. I subscribed to your blog. I will follow your news.
I will be grateful if you subscribe to my blog @user2627
Good luck to you!

April's Fool's Day posts are more annoying than a Kardashian moral compass post on Twitter......

OMG!!! Resteemed

Good information .. We stay focused on Steemit .. although the price is very cheap SBD, I @imranpase still write posts as usual. Successful greetings @good-karma

thank you for helping me upvote my post. may God repay your kindness😀

Happy April Fool's day to you too!

Thanks good karma

good job
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