How to convert STEEM into your HIVE wallet in 6 easy steps

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If you have a reason to convert steem into hive this is a way to do it at 2 * 1% cost.
reasons could be that you think steem is not gonna survive in the long run or you just wanna have one blockchain

Step 1: Go to

Step 2. Push log in and log in with your steemaccount log in (posting key) (sometimes takes a few times doing this)

Step 3. In the WALLET hit DEPOSIT and then hit GET DEPOSIT INFO and make sure steem is shown (= default)
It shows how much steem you have in your steemwallet and asks how much you wanna deposit into steemengine.

Step 4 put in the amount of steem you wanna deposit and confirm and sign of the respective authorization pop ups (accept pop-ups ) with your active key
Now you have to buy HIVEP with the STEEMP you have in steemengine. You do this in the MARKET. Forget for now why it is called P I advice…

Step 5 Click market and choose on the left column HIVEP and put in your order in the BUY HIVEP section a bit lower to the right. If you want it for the price the sellers ask you instantly get the hive.

Now you have HIVEP and you want to transfer this into a hive wallet of yourself or another person.

Step 6 In the Wallet screen hit WITHDRAW and choose the HIVE token to withdraw (and not steem) and put in the amount of hive and the account you wanna transfer to in hive without the @ !!. With account they want your hive name so in my case goldrooster. Again do not add the @.

Authorize the pop ups and minutes or half an hour later it arrives in your hive wallet of choice.

I think there is some manual process in the background but not sure.

Be aware that transfer in and out is done for a 1% fee. There could be cheaper options … I do not know.

If you hate this proces and trust me you can ask me to do this for you. Only for members of the silvergoldstacker community that is.





There must be an easier way.