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The price of STEEM compared to STEEM DOLLAR acheived an even, 1 to 1 for some time yesterday.
Actually, STEEM surpassed STEEM DOLLAR for some time on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Today, the prices are CLOSE again at STEEM $4.84 and STEEM DOLLAR $5.04.


STEEM PRICE | Bitcoin 0.00047700
STEEM DOLLAR PRICE | Bitcoin 0.00049679

Currently, the STEEM/STEEM DOLLAR is at 0.960164 on Bittrex, and we see in the internal market is 0.970920.

Looks like we are back to a 1 to 1 balance for the STEEM versus STEEM DOLLAR.

This was the same case two weeks ago, but the STEEM and STEEM DOLLAR prices were even at $3.43.

The direction has pushed STEEM and STEEM DOLLAR up over $5. We are all looking forward to high prices for both.

I am just curious. Any Ideas on what is going on?

STEEM FEB 01, 2018




This is not financial advice. It's just math and reporting...


  • At 6:10 EST 2/1/18, STEEM is $5.07, SBD is $4.81.



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In my opinion SBD price will go back to $1 in the mid to longterm. In the following chart you can see: If the SBD price rises, the inflation rises too.

This chart you'll also find in my weekly steemit statistics:


Thanks for the links and the chart. very helpful.

I regret not selling my SBDs, when they were high. I still hold them, because you can never say whats coming up next :) So better to hold them both. Unless it goes down.


Hindsight is 20/20. We all hoped it would go higher. Now, I still hold because I believe it is the basis for greater things. As a social media base, nothing can compare with the earnings model.


Its like a mini piggy bank with lot's of money in it you break it there is a lot off money but no more savings

All I can say is that sbd inflation is higher then steemit inflation so that might have something to do with it. Then again this is crypto and anything can happen.


I have seen this too, this is happening, but it seems backwards to me. If SBD inflation is higher, then its value should go down faster. (In real world with USDollars, higher inflation means stuff costs more and the USD buys less; thus, value going down.)
But, like you said, . . . "anything can happen"

Tell me it good to have sbd in this wallet? Or is just Steem Power good enough. I have been powering up without leaving any steem or SBD. I'm thinking of leaving all my crypto in exchanges and moving them here. But what is the strategy? can someone advise


It depends on what you are doing. I post contests and challenges that provides SBDs as prizes. I enter contests/raffles that cost SBDs. As an internal currency, it is necessary to hold SBDs in the wallet for these activities. However, if you are simply posting and voting, then maybe there is no need to hold SBDs. So, it depends on your activities.

its going to rise again this is just the start! steemit for the social media takeover


I agree that there will be a social media takeover. The development of features, such as a successful video platform, needs to accelerate before the earnings model is copied / added to other existing social media.

I don't understand the price of SBD, to offer any insight, but I do hope it has another bump, seams like the last 2 times there were trading around 1:1 SBD had a big pump, so he's hoping.


You are right about the last couple of times. After a short time at 1:1, SBD had a bump.
As it stands at 6:10 EST 2/1/18, STEEM is $5.07, SBD is $4.81.
So, STEEM is over SBD again. Will STEEM get a smack down or will SBD get the raise? Keep watching.


I certainly know which one I prefer!

I miss the days of much higher SBD. Wouldn’t mind seeing that happen again so I can power up 😀


I'll be glad to revisit those days too.

I like the idea of selling high SBD's and powering UP all the Steem possible. It would mess up all my Steemit world domination plans if the SBDs end up worth less than steem ; )


I like the idea of STEEM and SBDs going higher and HIGHER!

@goldkey I think that SBD is probably going to be on a little Run again if the Koreans have any say...............


Thanks @stokjockey, I hope SBDs kick out another Run. . . but now I have to go find out what you are talking about. . . . I see STEEM and SBD are listed on crypto exchanges in Korea. More for me to learn. Maybe the price jumps based on the Korean time zone. . . More for me to research . . . .
OR I can just ask you . . . . WHAT? Are the Koreans jumping on SBDs?


I was reading a couple of weeks ago since the SBD was listed on the Korean Exchanges that they were buying SBD because they did not understand how it is different from STEEM. I don't know all the details but maybe they think SBD is better because there are fewer outstanding tokens total..


I saw some comments about the circulating supply of SBD (7,781,812 SBD) is low compared to circulating supply of STEEM (247,993,543 STEEM). So, the perspective was that SBD was better - I agree that it's not clear how SBDs are created and destroyed. I'm just glad to see them rising. Cheers @stokjockey.

Steem will overtake sbd, the way it suppose to be


Is this going to be based on changes by the witnesses?

Do you think SBD will eventually be stable at $1 like it's meant to be?


I don't know. I think the horse is out of the barn and if it is 'somehow' pushed back down, then that would not be good for anyone, definitely not any investors in SBD. I think if it was forced back to $1, then the uproar from investors would be well warranted. So, I think it is too late.
On the other hand, if it goes down to $1 based on the market, then we'll see if it can be forced to stay there. I say 'forced' or 'pushed down' and I mean if the witnesses and rewards were programmed to go to $1.


What I'm wondering is who is buying so much SBD making the price go up. Because when I look at pretty much anyone's profile they have way more Steem Power than they have SBD


Well, I suspect it must be someone outside of steem for that reason. So, this is why I believe it must be outside investors. Also, they may know something that we don't know.

Lovely :)

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