What can we learn from this as bitcoin crosses 8900$

in steem •  11 months ago 

It is a good news for the cryptocurrency investers that bitcoin crosses 8900$ today & nextday on 25 july 2018.!As we can see in the 6 hour chart of bitcoin and usd it did cross 8900$ which was very important because we had a resistance at 8900$ the next resistance is at almost 9800$ if bitcoin crosses 9800$ in this month it will be very good[IMG20180724172823.jpg]when bitcoins was 5850$ everybody and newbies thinking that it is the end of cryptocurrency One thing i had learnt from this market which is very important always invest that much amount which you are ready when market will recover nobody knows we can play safe .

that's all what is your views on that commet()

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good nwes

HI NITIN. You have provided very important information. The crypto market has been running very sluggish for a long time, now it is getting a good signal of big hurdle, which is very good.
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thanks sir