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Be it a game, or a full fledged social experiment, Steemit and the rest of the STEEM ecosystem is definitely more than just a blogging/social media platform and it is intended to be so much more.

Right now, however, Steemit is treated more as an investment site than it is a place for creators, commenters and curators to earn rewards. Instead of upvoting things solely based on quality, it is a place where upvotes are more calculated.

What we understand to be the original intent of the platform, and what many are doing appear to be at cross purposes. I'm not totally convinced that they need to be. Finding the way where those who are mostly interested in earnings can do it, while those who want some rewards from their efforts, yes, but also want eyeballs and an engaged following, is the way forward.

We are limited and also empowered by the code. As long as the code exists as is, it will be used in whatever fashion people deem appropriate. And their explanations for it, for the most part, will be just as good as the reasons why people will abstain. The question becomes then, how do we manage to coexist with so many differing and seemingly juxtaposed wants/need/desires potentially causing problems?

From what I've read over the last nearly four months, the answer is somewhere in moderation. Convincing those who do one thing or another to a perceived extreme to moderate their use. For the good of the platform has not been the best of arguments, and ultimatums only work in some cases, so their needs to be something else, something that offers the right incentives.

Enough people, with the same mindset and basic goals can produce change. It takes time, but it can and does happen. Those of us who have the concerns need to continue to work within our own parameters and continue to figure out the best way forward for all.


That is true, STEEM is more than just a social media site. It is potentially a platform for mainstream crypto-commerce and marketing and a whole bunch more.

I agree with you about the code, though the code was designed and written for a particular purpose and I don't think the incentives to use it in moderation are really there. Most would agree that if everyone just self-voted 100% this would be nothing more than a ponzi scheme and destined to fail.

Yeah. If everyone did, I'm sure this place wouldn't amount to much. And yet, it probably wouldn't need everyone, either. The higher SP folks, who are the by far the minority on this platform, probably half would do us in. Or less. It's proven resilient this far, I guess, despite everything. And while it's not very desirable, having all the dead fish and the SP locked up or delegated is probably helping. Or not. I guess it depends on who you talk to. :)

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