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RE: STEEM Is NOT Steemit. STEEM Is More Valuable Than Steemit.

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Awesome article. When I was looking to get into something besides bitcoin I recognized the points you have made here with steem. Steemit was just a bonus that helped to solidify my decision. IMHO BTC will continue to hoover around 10k and people will find potential in other coins like Steem.


So glad to hear this explanation is helpful for investors looking to make decisions about future value. For me, STEEM is a long-term hold with lots of potential, especially when it supports the Smart Media Token ecosystem we'll have in the future.

Great points @lukestokes thank you very much for the explanation. I see it similar, that it is a very nice perk, that are closely related. As of right now, they are so closely linked because it is its' most commonly used/referred to instrument for steem. Steemit is a (very nice) fringe benefit, added value, "gravy" benefit as I see it as well. I was sold on steem in hearing an explanation of it from stan larimer talking about basic blockchain concepts, and steem's abilities already in place to handle massive transaction loads. Steemit is a tool that has generated in the exchange of the crypto of the future in my opinion. Very helpful, stellar points, I am very glad I came across the article!

Agreed @lukestokes ! SMTs will make the entire Steem Blockchain to be understood much more, which so many projects that will flourish after it! Hopefully SMTs are on the next block and starting soon!

Regards, @gold84

first of all,thanks for such a wonderful information and i really appreciate your post.
bitcoin market is crash now a day but steemit is more valuable in future and steemit make the market up and no other coin crash this.i believe it <3
keep sharing this type of info and update the market i appreciate u sir <3


Thanks for this article @lukestokes It is a helpful tool for understanding something I have felt about this platform and currency. As a member of a few content industries at different times, the content/attention game has needed some working on.

Not sure... I think BTC is the better play right now and altcoins will be a bit bearish why BTC takes off. The liquidity pool of BTC & higher volumes mean a nice rebound (perhaps).

That's been the usual play where alts stay down as BTC skyrockets and then when BTC goes flat, traders get bored and buy up all the alts. I have a feeling this rebound will bring everything with it together since everything went down together. Wait and see, I guess.

That seems like a reasonable prediction. And you were proven out to be generally correct.