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RE: Steemit Update [Sep 20th, 2022] : Steemit Engagement Challenge - Applications Invited for Season 5

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I really hope @steemcurator01 makes new rules, namely if @steemcurator01 doesn't vote for contestant posts that are not informative, educative, and of good quality. A lot of trash content on steemit is not of good quality and continues to be sustainable, while good content escapes @steemcurator01.
To campaign for Steemit is actually very easy. If they are looking for something on the internet and there is a steemit blog about it, there is no need to bother looking for people to write on Steemit. Take a look at the medium. Every post there is informative, of high quality, has many topics, and is clearly useful. So don't give your vote to junk posts. So, with such regulations, steemit will be reborn where people gather looking for information as well as social discussion. The contents of your posts are trash. You're just looking for a face and praising trash posts without criticizing them.


Do please give examples of good quality posts that you think deserve more reward.

And remember you are very welcome to build up your Steem Power to give good rewards to all the good posts that you think we are missing...

there are so many topics that can be raised to become good, informative and educational content. I take the example of my own blog, I provide an explanation of technical market analysis in detail in two languages, Indonesian and English. and my post contains education about how to see the market. Apart from that, there are many topics that can be raised, and I suggest that you should be selective on your part so that you don't just vote, for monotonous writing, such as a diary game, which is very, very uninformative and has no quality at all. Give your voice to content that does have quality, if you miss it, tell every moderator of postings that are monotonous and uninformative and also not of high quality, don't give excessive votes, it will make them content creators who are serious about providing benefits with their writing. quality and informative, instead they will leave and steemit is filled by those who have no quality in writing. you can consider my input.

Examples of posts that meet your criteria can check my post

this is an article from the past and the user has left this platform because the article he wrote didn't get any appreciation at all. and many quality article writers also leave the platform because they are not rewarded for their best work, and tend to prioritize inappropriate posts for the votes they deserve.

Why do you think your post is of high quality and other peoples post are not? The truth is that everyone who post in this platform considers his or her article as an article with high quality but we don't get to judge our article. Just as you have illustrated, moderators grade based on what they think the article deserve. In the same way, curators vote based on the fact that they have found the article worthy enough. Instead of calling other peoples article low quality article, try to improve on your own article and build your own audience. Once you post quality article on the platform and people find it attractive enough, you will also get support from both the big and small curators because the platform is always ready to welcome good content. #steem-on

why do I say my post is of high quality, it's natural, it's very natural to look for an account that specifically discusses content that is useful and informative and useful for others. Very little there can only be counted on the fingers. while the posts that I mean are very domineering, so that there are no creative ideas that can be written, because they don't want to look for other topics, afraid that @steemcurator01 won't vote so good content doesn't exist. why do I give my example, because content like mine can only be found on paid channels, I write for insight and also information, if there are users from this platform who want to find technical analysis so easy. what are you writing? it's the same as the majority of accounts, don't look for safety bro, by not trying to grow and think logically. here is not just my content, there is still a lot of content from friends that is reasonable and very deserving of curation than your blog posts, which you think is of very high quality.

Just like I have said above, you don't get to judges if your content is of high quality or not. The people reading through your content are those to judge. So i will advice you to allow the content readers to be the judge of your post my friend. #steem-on

I can judge my post is of quality or not, I research and I don't just write, and write everyday things that are not useful and become useful discussions as an article. Come on, friends, admit it, content that is topic-specific, has good quality, and is informative and also educative to readers rarely gets votes from the curators, it's only you who post that and it's boring, there's no interest in people reading continuously. good night and greetings jastok

The platform works based on POB hence we also vote based on what we feel the content of the article add to us. If you are not satisfy with this fact, build your own SP and support article that you feel are of good quality. No body stops you from doing that my friend. You write on technical analysis which is good but don't condemn what others are good at as well.

why? You are offended that your content is boring, because I speak honestly? you are afraid that later you will be left out because your content will not be seen again, and get votes like it is now. I'll laugh, the wheel is always turning who is looking for money and not being creative and giving something and benefiting will be over soon, I'm sure of that. And steemit will be filled again by creators with content that is worth reading, not the boring reports you wrote.

Do you know, before anyone can build to a meaningful length, he or she needs support first from those who have built around him/her.

How can I build if I don't have the materials for it?

Leadership never an easy thing to do, as people tend to see it.. @steemcurator01 can not see and do everything. That's is why we have community leaders and curators to do that. I would agree most of the quality contents gets swept under the carpet, but it is not always the fault of @steemcurator01. It is also on us the various users who are opportune to help out in the various communities. I come in peace..

This isn't exactly the fault of the steemit team. Most of these community curators and leaders doesn't really know the meaning of quality content.

They usually judge based on originality and length. In as much as originality is very important, sometimes originality doesn't necessarily mean quality.

How will you be selecting a post where an author talks about his visit to a firm, boutique, supermarket or shop as quality? Only because it contains original pictures?

What benefit is the content to readers?
What information/knowledge is it passing?

Who gives a f**k on how much you bought a pair of sandals and the Steem equivalent of the local currency?

What benefit is your supermarket review to other readers? Who is ever going to come there to buy stuff?

Yet, this type of contents are usually regarded as high quality and are often being given more attention by community leaders and curators especially when it is made by users with high reputation.

This is why you will hardly see steemit as a reference when you are looking for information on Google because most of the information people look up on Google aren't the type of contents steemit give attention to.

Previously, steemit was not filled with boring monotonous content, such as diary games, steemit engagement, poor quality contests, how do people want to use this platform. While the content will not attract outsiders to visit if there is no benefit at all, even their posts are very very It's really lame, but they hide it, including your own posts.

even posts made by high reputations mostly trash all of its contents, look at 1 month their timeline is boring and boring with their game diary, and always gets a vote from @steemcurator01 I actually want to laugh with this, later it will be a field for making money without good quality content, even originality is not enough, my friend. And newcomers want to join here, they don't have any content ideas. because it is always filled by the games diary all the time. so steemit there won't be a lot of content discussed just a game diary, try to think critically and logically.

You have your right to vent your anger, and trust me it is worth crying about as it is never easy making out time to create content from our busy life schedule in the hope of getting something tangible, but then, you end up with nothing, while there are others with little or even no effort at all get the large support maybe due to familiarity etc.

But don't forget, SteemIt is a social media platform, not a personal blog. If everyone is being supported for their efforts, I think people wouldn't be this salty about it..

We all create content to the best of our abilities and it hurts if we don't get the needed support. But don't forget that steemit is a social media platform open to anyone and any content.

I'm just venting what most people can be creative and don't think instantly and because they follow the game diary, they will get a bigger vote. it's the same as their goal to make money I know this is not a blog, but social blogging. You know social blogging isn't just about your stupid, uncreative diary.

We are on same boat.. My only stance is that its never easy for the likes of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to fish out all quality content. That's the reason we have community leaders and curators to help bring this content to them.

I feel your frustration too as when you see hefty votes on people's work, sometimes with grammatical blunders, but I have come to accept that I won't always be lucky enough, in my lucky day, I smile too.

And I must commend the even the various community curators, it is never easy for anyone. And I guess everyone has their own definition of quality.

your base is just a licker. you do not provide any corrections so that steemit develops. and I see the contents of your blog, sorry I have to say it is not worth reading.

I'm not frustrated, I'm voicing something that has been missing from this platform, if you look at this platform 4-5 years ago you can clearly see the difference from now. seldom perfunctory content.

or are you afraid, if there is a new rule, you will not be able to write again because you are not competent to write about something useful and of good quality. I laughed with that attack from you.

I never did attack you. But if you see it that way, it is a mistake on my part. Sorry about that.. Thank you for the compliments. Who am I to attack you?

hello bro, you compare the quality of your content with mine, you are just a note that people don't need. shame on your timeline full of diaries. who wants to read it, is it informative? just read the title people are embarrassed.

If you look at my writing by looking for gaps in the question mark, I'm not the author of a volume-volume book. I write useful articles and not write useless notes at all like you and your bunch did. what do you provide on this platform? your diary? all content writers run away from this platform because what is appreciated is trash because they rely on reputation not quality of content, what I always emphasize is quality. All of you are nervous when someone breaks the hegemony of trash roaming this platform. I'm afraid that later I don't know what to write, I can only write notes. Don't you have any ideas to write about?

please read this @steemitblog and @steemicurator01

you support steemit to be even worse by supporting useless content, it's time for you to revise your work again.

why did you delete your comment njing?

Please do a rug pull and reveal some examples of the quality content that is being swept under it...

In your definition, what is quality post?
If an Exam is given and a student follows all the instructions and then deliver answers based on questions asked, with correct grammar. Can we say the student did a justice to himself by giving quality?

At the end, the teacher is the one who still determines his marking scheme. Not the student..

But as long as one concern, following the rules and regulations of the various contest set and graded by the moderators. It is deemed a quality post by the Moderators.

I have seen cases where someone got 9.5/10 rating and had nothing whereas those with 8 and 7.5 gets something.. Why?

From my little experience, I think we should try to avoid putting blames always, instead we should always try to do the best we can and create a standard for ourselves. In as much as they are low quality post, there are also very high quality post that receives support.

To me the steemit team is trying their best to be the best someday and I believe we will achieve this in no distance time

I made observations based on the results from the field, I don't blame anyone. but if this is wrong, I think I should disclose it to your side so that you can better see the problems faced by this platform.

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