@dmaina vs @berniesanders

in #steem4 years ago

Lion_vs_tiger.jpg@berniesanders is accusing @ned supports @dmaina of plagiarism.
He said and I quote "@dmania is BAD FOR STEEM - time to take this shit DOWN!
@dmania supports plagiarism and stealing others original work."
Although he has an incredibly low Reputation
His post is still making waves.
I haven't used Dmania so I know not if he speaks the truth or not
So do you think he his right or wrong ..why?
Please feel free to express yourself in the comment section and let's know if Dmania is save for usage. We newbies need to know what's save and what's not...

Disclaim: this post is not making any accusations but to verify the accusation made by @berniesanders...in other to protect ourselves and to no what to use and what not to use.