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Man today sure is hot, it is 95F inside my house outside it is at 112F (35C and about 45C) and that sun really shines down on you, walking is uncomfortable because you sweat so much, and you have to constantly be drinking liquids or you are in trouble. But I still walked well over the minimum ten thousand steps I am trying to walk until I reach my goal of four million for this year,which if nothing happens I should be completing in October, then I will just rest from this ACTIFIT app.

And to top it off we have a blackout here, no energy so I don’t have access to internet I am writing this on Word and waiting for the energy to come back to be able to post on Steemit. Of course posting on Steemit is just a chore now, I know more or less how much I will make on this post because I use, I also post another one when I send my ACTIFIT report which I also know how much it will make. Both posts rewards suck and they suck much more now after the hard fork. So, yes I only post because I have gotten used to it, not because I think there is too much sense in doing so.

The funny thing is I have seen a lot of posts, and yes mostly from the people who are strong backers of HF21 actually congratulating Steemit Inc for fixing the latest problem we had, Hello!! they are responsible for this problem you don’t have to congratulate them, in fact if these guys worked for the company I used to work for they wouldn’t have a job any longer.

So this is becoming like a comedy of errors we are constantly being bombarded with fixes that will make Steem the king of crypto but the fixes actually cause more problems, it is a never ending story. But I expected something like this to happen, hard fork 21 was the last call of the powerful to get back what they think they have lost, the opportunity to make a lot of money on Steemit, all the points made by HF21 have actually backfired however much they want to put a positive face to it.

And yes, I guess all we can do is either leave or stay and try to make the best of it, because the idea that because of HF21 people would buy more Steem is not becoming a reality, we will still have the same group of people that have been here through the years no masses onboarded.

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