Steem Still Stalled

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The top ten currencies on Coinmarketcap excepting Cardano are in green, as well as a good percentage of all the other top 100 coins. Unfortunately Steem is in red it has gone down from yesterday which of course is not good.

But Steem hasn't been doing that good for at least a year now, exactly one year ago it was at $0.28 today it is slightly over $0.16 and the highest it has gone in this whole year is a little over $0.50 so there are a lot of people onboard these days that have never Steem go over $1.00.

It isn't good, but also trying to look at the bright side it isn't as bad as just a couple of months ago when it went to $0.10, I really thought at that point that we would be seeing $0.05 Steem. And I know a lot of people are saying they are waiting for the price to go lower before they buy, I guess that s just talk, I figure at $0.10 Steem was actually a steal if you trust the Steem blockchain.

I never put money so I am not even included in investors, but I really think that anyone who wanted to invest in Steem would have done it months ago, or are they waiting for it to moon to $1.00? No, I still see serious difficulties ahead, and now I see people falling for the communities hype, all their efforts are going to this, but really what will we have there? As far as I can see in these your posts will only be seen by people who are members of these communities so that is an even smaller niche than what Steem already is, how will this help? Perhaps I am wrong but as far as I have seen all the hyped up moves that have been done have done very little, just look at the price.

Now to me the only way to see Steem go places is if Bitcoin does go to new levels in price, because it is Bitcoin that drives the rest, and what really worries me is that this platform or blockchain was created, at least in part by Dan Larimer, and it seems everything he creates ends up looking bad, he starts it and then leaves.

On the good side I am seeing some more attention to posts there seems to be a little more interaction, but unfortunately as I have seen in the past these are just moments eventually people get tired and go back to their apathy, let's hope we can keep up being more active. Yes, I am a very negative person and as I said more than a little grouchy.


I love your positivity on this post and have a good day in Honduras. :)

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