bot accounts? what is this on

in steem •  9 months ago

I practically never go and look at steemd but I did look the other day and saw all these accounts that started with master. Are they bot accounts? looks like they were all signing up at once? Not sure how to read this, but it seemed weird. Maybe someone can explain.





I saw others too before all these 'master' accounts, but by the time I went to my iphone to take a screen shot, those were gone and now I forget what they started with. Anyway, I'm suspicious. Maybe something needs to be my broken tree peony, makes me sad.



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I don't know but like it's still going on if you got to


so weird, I think. hmmm.

Looks like devilry! And poor tree :0(


ha! yes, devilry it is!

someone playing with the bots again to scam them may be time to be safe :) thanks for sharing this update

Yes they are approving those scam accounts by the bucketful, but a legitimate account a friend tries to make and it never gets approved. Something is dreadfully wrong!

Sorry about the peony. It looked to be a nice bloom!

Probably another botnet will abuse the delegated stake of steemit inc.


that's what I think.

Great question @gardenlady
It seems bots run this place.

wow, what's going on, I think, it's the activity of the Steempower delegate, but it's very much, is that your account?
I think, to hack Steemit account is very difficult, because Steemit password is very difficult we guess, except a very clever hacker, as happened to some accounts a few months ago...

I do not really understand 'master' accounts on steemd. My attention to your broken peony tree, I am so sad too.

Looks like it was stopped and the delegations are being returned: