I just leased 2500 Steem Power for 3 1/2 months!steemCreated with Sketch.

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The Steem blockchain is amazing! I am not scared of this past month because nothing has changed for the worse imo.

If anything this has brought exactly what sets the Steem blockchain apart from every other crypto.
It does not need Steemit to survive. But Steemit will survive because this downturn has forced the company to focus on its strongest assets and put the big ideas that were not coming to fruition on the back burner.

I will be leasing more SP later this week!

This is the biggest opportunity I have seen in crypto in a long time, the vehicle is built and on the launch pad, only a matter of time before the logistics for lift off will be perfected.

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This is a good idea!

I like your positive outlook, it is reassuring.

I agree with this 100%

good post, thank you.

wow, you are really stacking steem!

In my case, if I need steemit to survive, in Venezuela, we are looking for alternatives due to the hyper inflation we are going through, and steemit has been of great help, however, with the decline in the market, steemit is still that alternative that It's helping us a lot ... and that's why I can say that I love steemit ... it's also very true that now there's more opportunity to get more SP ...
Have a great day. :)

The United states, I fear, isn't far behind Venezuela.

Can you explain this to me?

Hello friends, how are you? you know well what you do, and really invest in steemit at this time that it seems that everything is going to the floor is the best, everything that is done at this time will have fruits in the future

Good for Steemit!

Greetings friend!

Yes steem blockchain is amazing and almost all steemians know that but strong people like you make it more amazing cos despite low the price is and despite some people run off steemit you still wait and still doing power up. You are one of a kind!

This is quite the opportunity indeed. I'm glad to see you still believe.

Amazing @gank,
I have the same idea. Even with problems with Steemit Inc. the blockchain continue to be amazing with lots of projects and contents.
For who you will delegate the 2500 SP?
Thanks for sharing!

Leasing SP and awarding commenters helps propel your following. That's quite smart.

Hey @gank! I totally agree. Am also reading and upvoting EACH of these motivational posts you have been putting out. Please keep this up, as your posts help me maintain the sense that there are other longer-term optimists out there. I have been focusing on my activity on @steemmonsters, as there is an ACTIVE and THRIVING community there, which provides a nice respite from the haitus on the main platform. Keep it up...

Great! I have been buying and powering up small amounts of Steem every week and today, I equally thought about leasing Steem Power from blocktrades for 90 days. Sounds a great idea to get a lease instead 🤔

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