Community Bought Some Time For Steem

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Compared to the official announcement, Justin Sun backed down quite a bit in the AMA.

It seems our community bought some time for Steem. How much remains to be seen. Because on important topics, there was a time limit attached: "right now".

What will happen next month, half a year from now or a year from now remains to be seen. I believe the Steem community needs to get ready for whatever course this will go.

But for now

  • SMTs will be rolled out when testing is finished, as scheduled
  • Steemit, Inc. team remains as is
  • There are funds ready for Steemit and Steem and Steem DApps
  • Justin Sun said he will use his influence to list STEEM on more exchanges (hmm, I wonder if this will happen!)
  • Justin Sun won't use Steemit Inc. stake to interfere in Steem governance or distribution of inflation

There's a lot of water put on fire here.

Our best asset has proven its value once again: Steem community.

And it became clear to me from this AMA, that Justin Sun wants the social media aspect of Steem, but most importantly he wants our community.

Good news for us, in my opinion, is that we are a community dedicated to Steem.

If he wants the community, in some kind of way, and not a part of it willing at compromises, he will allow and help Steem to grow by itself, self-governed and uncensored, stuff we value around here. We will have great bidirectional collaboration with Tron and the other entities of the Tron group, but it is the best for all if we will grow separately, but connected.

Out for now. Listening to Witness Forum...


Bought some time ....

Its likely we have the same amount of time. He just soften his approach on how to exert his plans. Make no mistake about it .... Steemit is very likely headed to the TRON platform in which we will see a Steem Tron token. How long that takes is likely no more or less than it was before the AMA.

Maybe. We will see. I still see this as a possible scenario.

I didn't hear this:

Justin Sun won't use Steemit Inc. stake to interfere in Steem governance or distribution of inflation

And, as I can see... The STEEM community is the most worried about that... ON the other side, if he said that... doesn't mean a lot... He said a lot of things in the past that didn't finish as he said :)

He answered that at the end. But that's why I emphasized on right now, as he kept repeating. Will see what happens later on.

That we let people think, maybe a few we leave or power down!

Maybe they will.