Farewelll Steem and Welcome Hive: My Thoughts

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Hello all,

It's been a long time I have posted and this will be my last post on Steem. I have been keeping track of Steem in the background and it saddens me to see how one person with money could ruin Steem. But at the same time he initiated a movement that showed how united the Steemians (soon to be Hives? Bees?) can be.

Justin was a bringer of the inevitable

And he made it easier for us to tackle one of the biggest issues since Steem was created, power was centralized around Steemit, the company, because they mined a large enough stake to be able to single handedly to vote witnesses in the top 21 at that time. For a blockchain like most centralized bodies, this can work if the people holders are honest and work for the better good of the people, but as we saw once it turns 180 degrees, things can be fucked up in no time by the power holders. Luckily, blockchain technology has given people the choice to go their own way, and make their own rules for those who want to follow. So for that we can thank Justin by making the choice much easier.

New rules in Hive

As you guys know I like to think about the future. With Steemit the company gone, who also held power in development and funding dapps, one must wonder how the community will have to provide for those two, the rules for development and for Hive entrepreneurs have changed. How will they be funded? Luckily for development we have the community proposal funds, so that wouldn't be much of a problem, only when the funds are not enough. But I have faith the Hive will think of something great.

Entrepreneurs on Hive

I am excited about two big challenges for entrepreneurs

  • Now that there is no Steemit Inc. to give out delegation for dapp initial dapp funding the entrepreneurs have to turn to the community
    This means that entrepreneurs have to work harder on communicating and keep giving updates. On the one side, this makes it harder for entrepreneurs
    as we have seen more often, some just do not like to post often. However, like in the "real" world this has to be done too. And what good
    is a project if the team can not communicate it well to the community.
  • Dapps need to be tailored to community's actual need. In the past entrepreneurs were incentived to look at both. First people tried to get some
    initial supports from the community, but when it came to making the ideas they would initially think of if Steemit inc. would like the idea.
    Now dapps have to be liked by the majority of the Hive in order to succeed. This means dapps will be talored more to the liking of the

The developments for entrepreneurs is what I am most excited about. There are a few in interesting things to point out about this though.

  • Without a structured team to steer a clear way for a blockchain, like we see for platforms such as ethereum and eos. Will the community
    be able to take on the role? Will the community work effectively as a Hive? Or will we see the great division like we see in Bitcoin communities.
    In the past a Steem hardfork seemed almost impossible and now we had one a matter of a month's time.

What ever will happen these are exciting times for Hive and for blockchain in general.

Use thy voice carefully

We have entered decentralization

Lots of love,



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