Why I´m claiming that STEEM is the most promising cryptocurrency of the present & especially the future?! (Some of many facts!)

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Hello dear Steemians,

I already wanted to write an article like this for a long time, but Im always exploring more great advantages of the STEEM cryptocurrency & the just awesome Steemit Social-Media-Blogging-Platform, based on the revolutionary blockchain technology, so that I could write hours about this topic...

Inspired by a chat with Ray @modernpastor, I decided that I will just start with a few of my thoughts about the STEEM cryptocurrency and why in my opinion STEEM is the most promising cryptocurrency of the past & future, especially for holding!

In this article about this huge topic I just want to start with just a few short thoughts why STEEM is the most unique & promising cryptocurrency for me and I don´t want to begin with chart analysis or to much technical details and cryptocurrency knowledge, just with a few facts for now... Im trying to hold it short and without to long texts. 👍

I already wrote a longer article about why I love the Steemit platform and the unique community behind it too and here you can find the post with the title: Why I love Steemit? My thoughts & experience: We are all like shareholders guys!!! ✊

You can also find my personal video recording of the opening speech by Ned Scott (Steemit profile: @ned), the visionary & founder of Steemit, at the last Steemfest in November 2017 in Lisbon on my Youtube channel and here you can watch it directly:

Let´s begin with some of the various great advantages of the unique STEEM cryptocurreny & the blockchain technology behind it:

  • Transactions in under 1 minute, even in just a few SECONDS!

Steem Blockchain, fastest transactions
Animation Source: Official Steemit Twitter Account

  • Already reached over 1 million transactions within 24 hours, without any network problems!

Here you can find the article on the @steemitblog account about the 1 Million transactions within a 24 hour period record, with also many other interesting information: Steem blockchain breaks 1,000,000 transactions!

This is a chart with the transactions per day of Bitcoin for comparison:


Official Source: https://blockchain.info/de/charts/n-transactions?timespan=2years

As you can see on the screenshot above, even the number 1 cryptocurrency Bitcoin never had over 1 million transactions within a 24 hours period, the highest transaction amount within 24 hours was only under 450.000 so far...! Oo

And take a look at the transactions per second guys...:


Animation Source: Official Steemit Twitter Account
  • Easy & fast exchange into any other cryptocurrency with already many different exchanges, like blocktrades.us by @blocktrades for quick exchanges.

    Of course you can exchange it in Euro/USD/and other currencies then too. Im using Cex & Anycoindirect to sell cryptocurrencies into Euro and for payouts to my bank account and/or credit card.

Active income opportunity:

  • Earn money with your content & online activities, just like voting & writing comments!

    - Even if you are not blogging and only voting for others, you can earn so called "Curation Rewards"!


Passive Income Opportunities: Earn money with your votes on autopilot!

Only a few examples, to keep it simple:

  • You can earn "curation rewards" just by voting and you can even automate your Steemit account too, so that you are upvoting for your favourite authors on autopilot + you are earning with it too! You can use the Steemvoter to create rules for your auto-votes.

  • You can sell your votes on autopilot to earn SBD in addition too with the great Minnowbooster service

    Here you can find my tutorial article about vote selling: Tutorial: How to sell Votes with Minnowbooster to earn passive income, completely automated?

  • Leasing SP to other Steemians with Minnowbooster for example

  • And more, Steemit is always developing & people all over the world are working on improving it!

Some more short facts why STEEM in combination with the completely unique Steemit ecosystem is already the best cryptocurrency :

Here you can get an overview of more applications, developed by people from all over the world: https://steemprojects.com
  • Steemit is not a company, it´s a real decentralized community and YOUR upvotes have REAL value!

Your upvotes are as more valuable as more STEEM Power (SP) you have in your account. SP are your STEEM coins, but stored in a kind of virtual safe and you can convert STEEM into SP in your Steemit wallet. With a option called "Power Down" you can covert back your SP into STEEM later anytime.

  • On Steemit you can really share what you want, there is no "Master Person" who decides what is allowed and what is not allowed!

  • Steemit.com is already one of the top 1200 websites worldwide, according to the official rating by alexa.com and has a very strong community with experienced & independent professionals from many different market areas (programmer and all other kind of developers, entrepreneurs from all over the world, marketers, content creators etc...)!

  • alexa-rank-steemit_14-03-2018.jpg
    Sreenshot date: 14-03-2018

    I took the time to search my articles with photos together with other members of the strong Steemit community, so that you can find the five parts here now directly too:

    Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 1! ✌

    Selfies with and Photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 2! ✌

    Selfies with and Photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 3! ✌

    Selfies with and Photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 4! ✌

    Selfies with and Photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 5! ✌

    Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

    Jonas Ahrens @future24


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    Glad you are pushing steem.
    It is the crypto that has a clear community behind it.

    Yes, the Steemit community is really unique and in combination with the STEEM cryptocurrency there are unlimited developement opportunities... Thanks for your visit and feedback again @pouchon and greetings from Germany!

    Thank you for sharing this valuable article bro!

    Every word is worth gold Bro! 💪

    Just EPIC Comment Bro!!! 💪👊

    Great article! Steem on! 😊🎆

    Thank you for your feedback Lina @joyandhappiness and of course Steem on! 😊🎆

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    @future24 STEEM still remains the most reliable , promising and profitable coin among others. I strongly believe in steem and sbd than any other coin. Nice post!

    Thanks for your opinion @polaleye50 and Steem On!

    It's a social blogging platform that pays you to participate. Content creators, curators, and comments are rewarded in STEEM at the website ​Steemit.com.​ The inflation rate of STEEM is 9.5% per year, reducing by 0.5% per year.

    @future24 look Innovation: One of the key features of blockchain technology is that it's counterfeit-proof, or censorship-proof, which makes Steemit a unique social media service especially as Facebook continues to manipulate news feeds. And the diverse reward
    system is handled by code.

    Oh yes, you added another very unique detail @jcobs. 👍
    STEEM is not just only a very great cryptocurrency with a unique blockchain technology, it´s a social-media-coin! In combination with the amazing decentralized ecosystem of Steemit you have so many opportunities to use your STEEM, this is just unbelievable...

    Magnificent article. I support you in this prediction. For STEEM - the future! Excellent video with NED. Good luck to you and Love.

    Великолепная статья. Я поддерживаю Вас в этом прогнозе. За STEEM – будущее!!! Отличное видео с NED. Удачи Вам и Любви.

    Thanks as always for your feedback @cranium and Steem On!

    steem is the best and most transparent currency with hell lot of pros and it will be among the top super currencies.....

    steemit is bae

    I think so too @amanrazz and greetings from Germany. 👍

    I'm sure soon Steem will be a huge thing.

    And everyone invested into steem will get rewarded well :)

    Yes, go Steem and Steemit! :D

    Thanks for the this awesome write up. Your short version is so detailed, would love to see the long version now. :)

    Thank you @atikkabir and have added some more information yesterday later too, so that this article here is ready now. 👍

    I also like the way steemit has intermingled block chain with a content platform. However, it has got its own challenges and would be interesting to see how it evolves with time. Many of the content sharing platforms like Hubpages that used to reward users are in trouble because they could not change with time.

    Yes this is really amazing and unique, the future is now...

    The rate at which steemit grow is alarming, but we get to know more and have confidence more in steemit with this post. It is an addition to my steemit knowledge. Let's steemit together

    good post

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    This project is very inspiring - Great work @treeplanter and keep it up!

    STEEM is great for creating content but as a currency I have high hopes for EOS.

    Hello @petermail, what do you mean with creating content? Do you mean uploading content on Steemit? STEEM is not for creating content, it´s a cryptocurrency, but I think you mean Steemit.

    Hi @future24, STEEM is crypto but it holds content inside it's transactions - so it is great for content creators. BTW if you want to know which crypto is the fastest, look at my post: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@petermail/what-is-the-quickest-cryptocurrency

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