💡 Why cryptocurrency investors should consider to invest in STEEM?

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STEEM is the cryptocurrency which already pays you BEFORE you sell it: Hold your STEEM on your Steemit Wallet & start earning!

In this article I want to give you more information about the cryptocurrency STEEM of the unique Steemit Social-Media-Blogging-Platform and the several passive income opportunities with it.

Picture provided by @dandesign86

If you don´t know what is Steemit so far, here you can find an informative interview of Steemit´s CEO @Ned Scott, where he is explaining what is Steemit:

At first let me begin with some facts about the STEEM cryptocurrency:

STEEM is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) cryptocurrency with a schedueled blocktime of 3 seconds and so it is one of the fastest blockchains on the market. The mining of STEEM is done by the Steemit Witnesses who are receiving rewards for the mining process.

Another big part of the mining rewards are generated by the content creators, when receiving votes and another part is for the curators, who are upvoting content. As more STEEM you are holding in your Steemit wallet as Steem Power (SP) as more value your votes have. (Votes are similar "Likes" on other Social-Media-Platforms)

STEEM has a transaction capacity of 11,000 tx per second and the blockchain already hitted over 1 million transactions within 24 hours without any network problems.

Picture provided by @voronoi (team @sndbox)

Picture provided by @voronoi (team @sndbox)

STEEM also has zero-fee transactions within the Steemit ecosystem and the wallet names are easy to remember, because it´s just your username on Steemit. So you just have to user your username from the Steemit platform if you want to withdraw STEEM from an exchange to your wallet. There are also tons of Dapps connected with the STEEM Blockchain like @esteemapp, @dtube, @dlive, @steemhunt, @steemmonsters, @dsound, @partiko, @air-clinic, @tasteem etc. and they are getting more & more constantly.

Here you can also find another article about why I´m claiming that STEEM is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency on the market: https://steemit.com/steem/@future24/why-i-m-claiming-that-steem-is-the-most-promising-cryptocurrency-of-the-present-and-especially-the-future


Picture provided by @podanrj
^ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you want to learn more about the STEEM cryptocurrency, here you can find a very detailed article by @timcliff about why it's time to start paying attention to Steem: https://steemit.com/steem/@timcliff/it-s-time-to-start-paying-attention-to-steem


Passive income opportunities with STEEM:

There are several ways to earn passive income with STEEM for investors. In this article I want to present you some of the current passive income opportunities with STEEM, if you consider to buy STEEM on one of the several exchanges where it is already listed and pay it out to your Steemit Wallet & convert it in Steem Power (SP).

Here you can find an overview of all exchanges where you can buy STEEM in the moment: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem/#markets

I personally prefer Binance and Bittrex.

There is also a nice quick exchange by @blocktrades called blocktrades.us if you already have Bitcoins, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin or Monero on a wallet and you want to exchange them to STEEM in a fast and easy way.


You just have to sign-up on Steemit.com at first so that you have an account name, which is your STEEM wallet ID to and then you can withdraw your STEEM bought from an exchange to your wallet.

To convert your STEEM to Steem Power (SP) to benefit of the several passive income opportunities with STEEM, just click on your profile picture in the top right corner and then on "Wallet".


The next step is to click on your available STEEM and then on "Power Up" to put it in a virtual safe in form of Steem Power (SP):




1. Curation Rewards by voting content & Selling Votes for SBD (Steem Dollars) and STEEM.

On Steemit your Votes are having a REAL value and how much your Votes are worth is calculated on how much STEEM Power (SP) you are holding in your Steemit Wallet.

Steem Power is basically Steem that is locked in a vesting fund for 3 months. Users can use Steem Power to upvote content and earn curation rewards.

Important to know: Your Steem Power (your invested STEEM, locked in the "virtual tresor" as STEEM Power) will never become less by upvoting articles, you are not giving away money with your votes, your votes are generating money!!!

There is only something to prevent unlimited votes with the same value, which is called "Voting Power". As more you are voting as more your Voting Power is becoming less, but it´s regenerating automatically with the time. You can check your current Voting Power on steemnow.com for example, or download the Steemplus Browser Addon to see you current Voting Power directly on Steemit.

If you don´t have enough time to upvote content manually, you can use a tool called Steemvoter to setup rules that your account is voting for your favourite authors automatically and you will always earn a piece of their post payouts in form of curation rewards. This is helping the community more than vote selling and if you are appreciating my work, I would be very happy to receive your Auto-Votes.

For selling your votes to content creators you can use the tools Smartsteem and Minnowbooster. You will get paid automatically when people are buying your votes and you just have to do nothing after you have setup your accounts there.

You only have to give the permission to the tools to use your votes to sell them to others and setup the rule how much Voting Power you have to have at least for selling your votes.

Picture provided by @indigoocean


2. Delegating Steem Power (SP) to other Steemit users, Steemit Dapps and/or Voting Bots

Another way to earn a passive income by holding your STEEM in your Steemit Wallet as Steem Power (SP) is to delegate a part or all your Steem Power to content creators who are searching for a leasing with Minnowbooster for example.

You can find active leasing requests in the menu on the left side of the Minnowbooster service under "New Lease Requests".

Here is a screenshot of the list with new lease requests:


You can also just delegate Steem Power (SP) to Minnowbooster for receiving a steady return on it and the Smartsteem service is also offering to delegate Steem Power (SP) and they are sharing the revenues too.


There are several other voting bots too and they are offering similar services to delegate SP to them with a steady revenue and you can find a list with almost all voting bot on https://steembottracker.com/.

Some Dapps like @air-clinic for example are also offering to delegate SP (Steem Power) to them and you will receive their tokens for delegating SP. @air-clinic is offering a 1 to 10 rate for example. This means you are receiving 1000 AIRCOINS (Smart Media Token) per month for delegating 100 SP to them for example.

There will be more & more opportunities like this and Airdrops for holding SP in your Steemit wallet. Another still currently running opportunity is the Airdrop for SP holders of the @steemhunt project and here you can find my article with more information about this: https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@future24/steemit-news-steemhunt-airdrop-for-sp-holders-with-a-ratio-1-1-grab-your-free-hunt-tokens


The upcoming Smart Media Tokens:

Another big reason why an investment in STEEM could be very profitable for the mid- & long-term are the upcoming Smart Media Tokens (SMT´s), which could push STEEM a lot against other cryptocurrencies and there are/will be a lot of Airdrops for Steem Power (SP) holders.

Picture contributed by @cryptocurator

Here you can visit the official Smart Media Token website to learn more about it: smt.steem.io

And here you can also find some informative articles about the upcoming Smart Media Tokens on the official @steemitblog:

SMTs Release Dates: https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/smts-release-dates

Tracking SMT Development Progress: https://steemit.com/smts/@steemitblog/tracking-smt-development-progress

Don't Wait for SMTs to Start Building Your Steem App: https://steemit.com/smts/@steemitblog/don-t-wait-for-smts-to-start-building-your-steem-app

Here you can also watch a video in which the Steemit CEO Ned Scott explains STEEM and the Smart Media Tokens:


Greetings from Germany,

Jonas - @future24


PS: This article was written and published with the great @esteemapp Surfer Software by @good-karma. Check out the profiles to learn more!


Disclaimer for legal reasons:

This article does not constitute investment advice. Everything in this article is just my own personal opinion and observations. Anything that could be considered a prediction of the future has no guarantee of coming true. It is possible that information in this article is (unintentionally) inaccurate or incomplete. Do your own research before making any investment decisions. The author of this article also holds STEEM as well as some other cryptocurrencies.


Very good starting info, I hope we all can promote Steem/Steemit.

Very well written. Wish it were published on a mainstream platform rather than just here though

Good idea, I will also publish it on other platforms too in the next days.

@future24 sir!
It is really positive initiative in cryptocurrency market.
It was really a good new for steemers. thanks for sharing these kinds of information.

Thank you too for the feedback @certain 👍

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Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

i hope smts save us, this 80 cent steem is killing me

Yes the price is currently really undervalued in my opinion and Im sure the SMT´s will help the Steemit ecosystem a lot and especially that people are paying attention to the STEEM cryptocurrency.


Great article, thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work.

@future24, very well written article. Very informative.
Btw, I thought that Steem has a Proof-of-Stake algorithm.
Also I have one question. What is the inflation of the cryptocurrency per year?

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Thank you for the feedback @cryptospa!
According to an article by @penguinpablo the current inflation rate is about 9.5%, but it is set to decrease to 1% over the next 18 years. Here you can find his article about this topic: https://steemit.com/steem/@penguinpablo/putting-the-steem-inflation-into-perspective

Yes... Steem is the best... and Dogecoin

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thx for sharing this good overview in both German and English. I am also focusing on Steem, as there are no real competitors. I am looking forward to SMTs as well and hope they will bring the highly deserved Boost to STEEM.

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