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What is Hive?

Hive (short for Hivemind) is an extension of sbds. While sbds is concerned about storing raw blockchain operations, hive focuses on caching the state.

Immediately useful to us is:

  • account state
  • post state
  • followers/following data
  • reblogs, blogs and feeds

Hive will also contain data needed for the upcoming communities, but we need not concern ourselves with it at this time.

Source: https://github.com/steemit/hivemind

SteemData hosted Hive DB

SteemData is providing sbds and hive services for free on a completely open basis (no signup required).

You can access the Hive MySQL database at:

mysql://steemit:[email protected]:3306/hive

Why is some of the data missing?

I've decided to make MySQL a first-class citizen between services offered by SteemData, and as such I've re-deployed sbds and hive on a much more powerful i7/64gb/1tb-ssd server.

Syncing with remote steemd is a bit slow, and it will take a while to have all data.

SteemData Redesign

As the number of SteemData apps and services grew, the website started getting a bit messy. I've re-organized it into logical sections.



It seems i'll have to learn mySQL after all:)

When you said "post state" do you mean hiveDB will tell me if a post was edited or not? That would be useful because sometimes get_content doesn't show this info, even the post was edited.

How much delay hiveDB has compared to the head block?

No, for the post history you would still have to query sbds or SteemData Mongo, and compare the diffs between posts with the matching author/permlink.

This looks great! Is part of the idea to take some of the load off the RPC nodes?

Yeah, it certainly will, and it already does. Several apps already use SteemData rather than steemd directly, which is much faster for many use cases and allows for powerful queries.

I've just investigated the schema and installed mysqlclient for Python. I'm currently maintaining a sqlite db for our stuff, but you're already doing the consolidation so edits etc. are merged into hive_posts_cache (if I'm not mistaken?), which I'm not so sure how to do easily. I look forward to investigating further once it has synced! Thanks very much for this work.

From what I can see it has currently just got 56% of the blocks. Will it take more than a week to be up to date? Is this because getting old blocks over RPC is really slow, and it will speed up as the blocks get more recent? I presume hive_posts_cache starts filling only once we're in the last 7 days of blocks?

Wow this is awesome! The future is now with you @furion :)

thanks for the post! i have some questions :-)

will it cost in the future?
how long are the delay? i mean how long does it need from steemd into the mysql db? how often is the db updated?

Can i use this for our notifications in steempi? that would be awesome. Are there any limits? query limits, time limits etc?

at the moment i made a bad hack to get reblogs for our giveaway :D so hive would help, too!!

The Hive Mind in the Real World (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Fourth. It was the fourth most rewarded post. ;)

Dnt know much about programmng but I appreciate your services dude.

just saw this post and am happy for steemians like you ho dedicate time creatin options for us to teem better and have an excellent experience... thanks for all your efforts...really appreciate

This is awesome !
Please check my last post and share your opinion

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