SteemData SBDS hosting is making a comeback

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SteemData hosted SBDS (a neat MySQL database with Steem block transactions) is back.

Feel free to connect and explore:

mysql://steemit:[email protected]:3306/sbds

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.23.28 AM.png


I apologize for the downtime and missing data. SBDS is currently syncing (it still has 6M blocks to go). You can check the status by running:

SELECT count(block_num) FROM sbds_core_blocks

myslq://steemit:[email protected]:3306/sbds

Should be "mysql://"

Ah... was wondering what happen to it. :-)

This is my very first comment on the platform. Just getting started and figuring out how everything works. I think this would be a great tool to set up a better feed page for the new stuff. A new tab that would be filterable to show people with a certain reputation or posts less than 7 days old but more than one hour old Etc would make it easier to drill down and find what you're looking for. Is there a tutorial that explains how the steemit system works? Maybe a video? I've seen some stuff on YouTube but it seems incomplete I'm a minnow I know but I've got a lot of questions. I'm almost at 100% for what it's worth I upvoted you are post before asking questions. I figured that would be basic etiquette. Thanks for the awesome service I don't know a lot of programming but I've done SQL before exactly what I was looking for!

Also I forgot to ask but are the comments stored in the blockchain as well or the pictures? Or is it just the text of the post that are saved in the blockchain the mark-up? So would the comments be searchable through this SQL as well?

I think everything you submit to the blockchain will remain in the blockchain forever.

Thank you for your reply. I understand everything in the blockchain remains set in stone I was just wondering if it works for file storage to or is it just the source code the markdown language for the page. Like the actual jpegs and things. Also I wonder how the editing works we can edit these comments and we can even edit the post. So I guess there's a new block created and it's flagged to overwrite the old one as obsolete or something that does add a layer of complexity.

All I know is that it stays in the blockchain but with regards to its complexity, I know nothing.

Interesting - thanks for this

That's a great idea to store all the block in a database.

Will be very helpful in generating statistics and see how we are performing and devrlop strategies.

Of course minimum SQL knowledge is required :)

Thanks for sharing this DB!

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That's good

Awesome post!

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