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RE: Donating 5000$ and raising money with this post for covering some of SteemData costs + server upgrade. (by @Furion)

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

Not too long ago, Steem was at 80c.

You're right, I should just power down some Steem to cover the costs. I do however feel bad whenever I do that.

SteemData is well funded given the recent price increase and my witness position. I would like to forward the funds raised in this campaign to other Steem projects.


There’s no need to feel bad for powering down, especially since the witness rewards are received as SP. It’s the only option.

And just to clarify - I get the costs of your project. I just didn’t understand why ~$1000 of post rewards were needed when witness rewards are 20+ times more than that...per month (at current prices). If you cashed some out tonight, you could potentially get about $5 per STEEM. Seems like a great deal to me!

Good luck with your new servers and upgrades! I have a feeling that most of us will be upgrading witness specs again soon with STEEM prices continuing upward.

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