1 BTC now buys over 60,000 STEEM

in steem •  2 months ago 

The collapse in value of STEEM seems to be accelerating.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 1.44.35 PM.png

Is anyone buying "the dip"?

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check my PM on discord :)


doesn’t “dip” imply that it will go back up?

I’m not a certified financial advisor, and this is not investment advice. :man_shrugging:

... and you have done your best to prevent it from "going up", aye ?

Where is the dip? 😂

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Does that mean that BTC is too expensive or is it Steem that is undervaluated ?
Don't worry we have a Plan to Onboard the Masses.

It just means you can now buy 5x STEEM for same amount of BTC as not too long ago.
I do not have a valuation model for STEEM.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

The valuation is the daily utility-but i do not have a valuation model also.
The utility seems to be quite high-in my opinion.
You can act in a lot of different ways with your steem/SP every day.
So, it could be a good time to buy some steem:)), i did it:)). Best regards!
Critic: is is really necessesary to make some full-self-upvotes an a comment??
Or could it be better to vote for smaller accounts? in a long point of view!

I just powered back up 100%. Not sure what to do with SP yet.

Just some upvotes for the smaller ones:)!


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