Maybe that's "the story of life"

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The drama has not stopped.

I missed one block 1 hour ago while upgrading the witness to the latest version. 0-miss record broken really makes me sad.

What's in this fork
The fork source code change is here. Some accounts are restricted to perform some actions. Following accounts:

static const std::set< std::string > hive_accounts

are restricted to

account_witness_proxy_operation, account_witness_vote_operation,
update_proposal_votes_operation, vote_operation, withdraw_vesting_operation, set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation, transfer_operation, limit_order_create_operation, limit_order_create2_operation, transfer_to_vesting_operation, transfer_to_savings_operation, escrow_transfer_operation

Actions by restricted accounts today | SP STEEM SBD
"freedom", transfer 18,619.577 steem to appreciator; 100,811.047sbd to excalibur. clear proxy. | 10,681,567.359 SP 0.017 STEEM 0.000 SBD

"pumpkin", nothing|
"blocktrades", nothing, |4,255,915.291 SP 210.804 STEEM 25.772 SBD
"gtg", transfer 43.946 STEEM to bittrex | 435,461.428 SP 0.003 STEEM0.000 SBD
"good-karma", lots of 0.001 STEEM tranfser and escrow_transfer | 41,264.569 SP 0.032 STEEM 0.095 SBD
"roelandp", few 1 steem test transfer|218,760.446 SP 1.407 STEEM 10.906 SBD
"steempress", nothing |20,106.565 SP 0.206 STEEM 11.890 SBD
"darthknight", set_withdraw_vesting_route to bittrix, 887.628 STEEM to deepcrypto8, 1,145 STEEM to deepcrypto8 |2,010,813.262 SP 1.041 STEEM 3.262 SBD

Move Forward
Stay or leave, that's a personal choice. Down voting every post for sense of antagonism opinions and milking is a shame.

Best wishes to those HIVE fans!

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You can avoid missing blocks by changing your signing key to STM1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm while upgrading your node. This will signal to the network that you are in maintenance mode.

I also missed a block yesterday, because I didn't run the 0.22.8888 and there were invalid operations within the block that my node tried to push to the chain.

thanks for the tip!

How will the restrictions on @blocktrades affect his "exchange", service??
I see he is currently not supporting Steem!!