500+ giveaway upvotes

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This giveaway project started mid last month as a holiday wish to Steem community, with witness SP reward in the last year, for those who blogging new content on this platform.

24 votes per day and 80% power cheers. Steem community is growing every day since the last HF. I am going to increase the rate to 48 upvotes/day.

If you still have witness voting slots, please give me a vote here: https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses

BTW, Steem price is pumping in this bullish crypto market. ENJOY!

Peace & Love


hello bother, vote me

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Mantap. Saya akan meluangkan waktu kosong saya untuk menulis konten di steemit :)

done witness voting for you

I have never got any upvotes. @fuli

I have done voting witness

Peace & Love! :)

i have done my witness upvote duty!

you my sir are doing a great job!

thank you.


Thanks to all guys voting for me.

my witness upvote done

now my witnesses vote if for you!

Tanık oyunu kullandım. 🙏


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hi dear am realy vote u but u not vote me

I wish to get upvotes from you, what's are the requirements?

my witness upvote done

Very nice for community

Thank you fuli

I have a look I believe I still have.

Hi @fuli

I want to contribute even more and I now want to announce that @xpilar.witness is mine and that I am running this witness

I see that I have voted for you and will ask you the same thing

Congratulations, @xpilar
You are ahead of me now. Wish you in the top 20 soon

Thanks for your support, it would be nice if we both got to the top 20

Geat post

Hi @fuli nice one by you, continue your good work.
Peace and Love ❤️

Excelent project

You're always welcome to visit.^^

done witness vote.