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They are built by witness @justyy and @maiyude

  1. https://steemyy.com/delegate-form/
    It's the easiest tool and even Hive is supported via Hive Signer
    TIP: set amount to 0 if you want to undelegate all.

  2. https://steemw.herokuapp.com/

I Hope steemit.com will support SP delegation on their wallet page very soon. If you know other good tools, just drop me a line.

Hola @fuli te invito a probar las herramientas de https://ecosynthesizer.com/
1) https://ecosynthesizer.com/@fuli, allì podemos encontrar mucha información sobre nuestra blockchain Steem.
2) https://steemit.com/witness-category/@symbionts/symbiont-s-or-ecosynthesizer-or-major-upgrade-csexplorer-account-transaction-apis-blocks Aquí sale información detallada sobre su uso y tiene una hearramienta para delegar Steem Power.