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in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Apparently I did something to some whale on Hive and them and their minions now downvote spam me continuously. I don't know what I did. I don't spam. I don't plagiarize. Its just arbitrary passive aggressive facism over there now. There are entire projects that were built on Hive now leaving since these random whales wont allow posts to be upvoted or even people to speak to each other. I was getting downvoted for just talking to people. So are many others. They wont actually say, I just know me and dozens of others (at the least) are having this same issue. The idea that Hive was created for any sort of betterment of the stakeholders, was clearly a lie.

I saw some of the replies some of the whales in this group made to some people just asking questions they were out right attacking these people, just completely unprofessional. There may be some great dapps on Hive but they dont actually need Hive to continue. Splinterlands flipped Hive with their assets more than once.

I will be powering down my Hive Power and transferring it into Steem Power. From what I am seeing on Hive there are many people leaving for different platforms. I will probably be reposting over there for the community tokens that I can then sell for something other than Hive.

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