Unedited Q&A stream with Stefan Molyneux

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In this recent 90+ minutes Q&A session, we treat subjects such as Freedom of speech, Programming, Soial Media, SJWs,, Politics and a multitude of interesting topics, and great questions posed by the audience.

Thank you for everyone who called in, and their insightful and inquisitive nature - I really enjoyed this on an intellectual and academic level, and hope you will do the same.

Contents and timestamps:

5:26 – What are your thoughts on the Tommy Robinson situation?  
7:33 – What are your thoughts on leftist opposition to freedom of speech?
14:45 – What is your favorite programming language?
16:11 – Would you recommend leaving Twitter and other social media platforms?  
18:48 – Do you think the way SJWs dress is a marker for anything?
21:15 – Do you think the shift towards totalitarian on the left is part of a natural cycle?  
22:57 – My toddler won’t sleep or play on his own – any tips for young children?   
26:56 – What is your stance on social media regulation?  
33:24 – What do you think is going on with Jeff Sessions?  
37:06 – What are Your thoughts on Q?  
39:19 – Can you give your thoughts on studies where researchers send out resumes and white sounding names get preferential hiring?  
42:27 – Who are more dangerous neocons or democrats?
46:50 – Do you think its accurate to refer to Russia as the first post-postmodernist state?
48:55 – Can the European Union return from its current migrant state?  
50:55 – Do you ever worry that political movements founded on a religious base could be diverted from principles to support religious fanatics?  
53:36 – What is your favorite anime goth girl?
56:00 – Can somebody be virtuous and work for the state?  
58:19 – Is authoritarianism needed to at some point achieve a minimal state?  
59:03 – What would a crisis in Mexico mean for the United States?  
1:01:17 – What are your thoughts on rising our child as a Christian even though we are more agnostic?  
1:03:12 – What do you think is the one thing men can do in the west to save western civilization?  
1:04:15 – I enjoyed your DOOM review – do you have plans to do anymore playthroughs?
1:05:26 – How do we eliminate the welfare state?
1:06:29 – Do you think Disney movies are healthy for children?
1:08:19 – I’ve heard you speak on the differences in IQ – what pro-and-anti sources would you suggest?  
1:11:38 – Is there any reason to find out your IQ? Should parents have their children’s IQ tested?
1:13:48 – Can you talk about Jair Bolsonaro being stabbed?
1:14:26 – What is the best way to refute the statement that the poor need the state?
1:17:03 – What are your musical preferences and why?  
1:21:35 – What can somebody do to become a man; such as obtaining leadership skills?  
1:24:58 – Where does Venezuela go from here?  
1:25:30 – How did you turn out alright describe being raised by a single mother?  
1:28:39 – What impact would artificial wombs have on the world?  
1:30:25 – Would you ever make a truth about Ronald Reagan video?  
1:30:50 – If you know that we are ruled by a feminist gynocracy, why does he advocate men have children?  
1:31:34 – Would you like to see Rand Paul as President of the United States?
1:31:49 – You talk about the dangers of dating a single mother, what about a single father?
1:32:44 – Could egalitarianism have ever evolved without violence?  
1:34:00 – How would it be possible to have a decentralized defense force in a free state when other countries are not playing by the same rules?
1:35:00 – What do you think of Internal Family System’s (IFS) therapy?
1:35:15 – How can we get to full libertarianism given the flaws in human nature?
1:35:50 – Do you believe UFOs are extraterrestrials or government space craft?  
1:38:16 – What do you think about Chelsea Manning being banned from Australia?  
1:39:17 – Any thought on how to deprogram lefty friends and family?

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