I guess you could say BTFD

P.S @coinbros are on steemit !!

That's more news of nothing to really change that matters to the value of STEEM.

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If you think that these changes don't matter to STEEM, I would suggest that you don't know all that much about STEEM.

Yea...I don't.

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Yea...this is definitely gibberish to me.

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Well, easier and faster to make new accounts. That is a huge complaint and bottle neck right now. This is the most important and massive change that will affect all of us inviting our friends. The RC changes change a lot actually, but onboarding new users is huge.

Lowering the time between comments.

Tinkering with curation rewards, SBD limits, delegation cooldowns, okay I get that maybe none of the rest is life changing for your account.

But its big news, let me tell you ;-p

I don't understand the need to make multiple accounts. I've been squirming around here for a year.
Don't see the purpose of making multiple accounts.
I see where you're coming from.

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Maybe your friend or brother or lover or uncle or neighbor want an account too? A new account has to be created for them unless you are going to let them use yours. In the current system, someone has to pay! This takes time, people complain.

Now, its faster, less costly, and more people can make accounts! This drives up the demand for steem, causing even more people to want to make accounts!

I am also not up on this and don't really understand this post. When I came here in June 2017, I did not pay for my account. Nor did anyone else I invited in the last year. Has something changed now that makes people pay to get in? All of the content creators I invited have left and I have stopped trying to get people here now, but you never know.

Hey Fitinfun! The issue is, somebody did pay! You got some amount of free steem (its been going down and will now be zero free steem, incidentally this has caused a lot of the spam problems) and a delegation.

This was required both to 'save' your space on the blockchain, and as 'price of admition' for bandwidth, to post anything.

Now, this bandwidth price (RCs) can now be used to power new account creation. It is technical, but this should solve the two week wait period, which has affected lots of people that I have recommended, and also will allow each dapp (dlive, dtube, utopian etc) a clear method to onboard their own new users to the steem blockchain.

I love when you ask, and if I don't know, I have more things to ask ;p

How much more gibberish will the creators of this concoction create to make it more useful to the everyday person?

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Hey Tony! Feel free to come back when you find it useful! I already find the free hosting, built in monetization and uncensorable permanancy of the blockchain with 3 second transactions and zero fees to be very useful!

Dip below $.90 before HF 20 and it's going to be a great 4th quarter.

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