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RE: Complete guide to understand rewards in HF21 [Part 1]

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I'm confused about this:

Last minute vote. If the vote is done 5 minutes before the payout then the reward shares are decreased proportionally to the remaining time for the payout. That is, half before 2.5 minutes, and 0 just at time of the payout.

I thought the "last-minute" window was 12 hours, right now, and this wasn't going to change with HF21?!

There is however a 5 minute window with reduced curation rewards right after the post has been made.

Did something get mixed up here or is the "last-minute" really being decreased to 5 minutes?!

P.S.: I checked on github

L27: #define STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_SECONDS (60*5) /// 5 minutes
L28: #define STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_HF17 (fc::minutes(5))
L61: #define STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_SECONDS (60*60*12) /// 12 hours
L62: #define STEEM_UPVOTE_LOCKOUT_HF17 (fc::hours(12))

it's a bit confusing still as it's indeed defined as 5 minutes earlier in the same file, but I'd assume that's a testnet-only setting and the later definition overwrites that.


From HF17 to HF19 the window was 12 hours.
But it was changed in the Hardfork 20. Now it is 5 minutes.

which is set to 12 hours according to the definition posted above (edited for clarity)?!

Ohh I see. I was looking the value for testnet. You are right, it is 12 hours. I will change it. Thanks.

No worries, I wasn't 100% sure myself until I actually looked into the code.

Either way, your posts on the matter help me greatly with wrapping my head around the new rewards.

Thanks for taking the time to put this all together!

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

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