Huobi lists STEEM today

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Another exchange will be listing STEEM


Today STEEM will be listed on Huobi.

Not the biggest exchange but not a tiny one either. Despite every exchange which lists STEEM I count as a win.

Remember the craziness when Binance listed STEEM?

I dont expect the price to go this crazy but especially today as a lot of alts are deep in the red it would be nice to not fall this hard.

Also the crypto market rarely behaves how I think so....everything is possible.

Here the Huobi statement

"Dear users,

Steem (STEEM) will be launched on Huobi Pro on April 25, 2018 (GMT+8). Deposits will be available from 13:00, April 25 (GMT+8). STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH and STEEM/USDT trading will be available at Main Zone from 13:00, April 26, 2018 (GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available from 13:00, April 28 2018 (GMT+8).

What is Steem? Click here: "

Huobi is by far not my favorite exchange but I wanted to get some coins from there I could not get anywhere else.

For full disclosure the link is my ref link and I get some cashback if you use it

you dont have any disadvantages

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I agree, this is a step in the right direction! How does this get your average person into Steem? How does this allow your average Steem user to make their earnings useful besides Steem applications? (Would be an interesting topic!)

All the ways we have to exchange/trade steem:

PoloniEX (now circle)
Openledger DEX

I see on coinmarketcap a few others I dont know...

Then the decentralized ones that I just don't know. @flipstar, Am I missing any?

Great achievement... I guess this might be the reason Steem has gained more than 11% today , when the whole market is in downtrend.


I think so, too

great news for Steem

Steem now played a vital role it's take position in top ten

Fabulous update @flipstar... Its a great opportunity for houbi user... Thanks for giving us such valuable information...

yes the price of steem is currently up when compared to other alt, was thinking about it a few mins ago, could this be the possible reason?


Would be my guess

Its not a big exchange still a great news for our community.

Good News!!


should be :-)

Nice... and if only Binance lists SBDs. Maybe we'll see a nice pump like we did last Nov/Dec.


would be nice also very convinent as I dont have to sell them through Bittrex then all the time

This is a great news for all steemians. A plus for us. Steem to the moon

This page I dint know till now, thanks for the info @flipstar, yeah every page, which lost steem is a win.


used it for some coins. works well but usually I stick to binance and bittrex

Great news that's why there was a huge pump all of a sudden in steem prices :D


yep :-)

It is good seeing steem expanding...



Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Oh yes!


nice pump :-)

Next is OKex, BitHumb, Bitfinex, Kraken, Gidax/Coinbase, BitStamp ............................

Would be nice to see them in some Japanese exchange. The are still trying to get over the hack from January. At Coincheck for example, you can still only buy Bitcoin


we will get there sooner or later :-)

Wow we can see some spike on steem now.

Nice, it's very good for steem.
I wanted to use hub anyway for nebulas, so that fits very well ;-)


nice! if you dont have an account already use the link in my post ;-)

Got a huge boost today! 🤑


still going :-)

what a time to be alive

good news, thanks for the information

Great news. It is not important that Huobi is not in the top ten. It is important that steem was again recognized as a valuable asset by another exchange.

Really good news, great informations for are hard worker, i hope you will get.thanks for sharing...@filpstar

great news for Steem. Thanks for sharing

steem is very powerful

Ok sir thanks to share with us... i'll try it once.

Your post is helpful for me.Thanks for sharing. I will waiting for your next post.

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