#seven77 day 128 of 777 flaxz's twitter Feed : 2019/07/11 15:22:30 ; erikgsn

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Day 128/777 for #seven77 the 7 creative pushups for 777 days started by @nathanmars

Nominating @sarojbhatta99

#share2steem #palnet #actnearn #crypto #blockchain

Music: A little trip; Musician: InShot

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Erik Gustafsson

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Thanks @bluengel, stay awesome.

Great job @flaxz . Let’s keep pushing seven77. Just cheering you on. Wishing you another wonderful lovely day. And stay cool and awesome.

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Thanks @roger5120, this movement is great, have an awesome weekend.

You’re most welcome @flaxz. Likewise, have an awesome weekend.

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Approach to manage go! Particularly cultivated for your 128 outing of 777. Keep it up and more power!

Thanks @virat21, I like doing them, and it supports Steem and makes me stronger, just upsides.

Amazing effort yet again and the weather looked amazing 👌
Congratulations on day 128, keep enjoying your seven77 activities 👍 😀

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Thanks @practicaleric, it does move forward, stay awesome.