#seven77 day 126 of 777 flaxz's twitter Feed : 2019/07/09 17:11:07 ; erikgsn

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Day 126/777 for #seven77 the 7 creative pushups for 777 days started by @nathanmars

Nominating @hauptmann

#share2steem #palnet #actnearn #crypto #blockchain

Music: A little trip; Musician: InShot

VIDEO - Click on the Thumbnail to see

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Erik Gustafsson

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Congratulations on day 126🎉 You did well with the pushups 💪👏. The weather still looking dull but keep enjoying your seven77 activities 👍 😀 #justpushit

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Thanks @practicaleric, yeah it's been a while with chilly weather, but today is much warmer, have an awesome day.

congratulations on day of 126

Thanks @yousafharoonkhan, it's moving forward, have an awesome day.

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Steady 💙7💙7💙7 Good !

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Thanks @bluengel, yeah it does move forward. 👍😀

Most welcome ! 💙💙💙

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That was wonderful pull-up activity @flaxz and the music upbeat tune makes the workout more interesting and enjoyable to do. That’s awesome you’ve completed 126 days already, that great. Well, keep pushing #seven77 and keep up the good work. Stay cool and awesome.

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Thanks @roger5120, yeah it moves forward really fast, and this movement has really given me so much, it's actually the reason I started with DTube videos, it gave me the confidence to try, stay awesome and have an amazing day.

@flaxz, well done! Stay awesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, and the same to you.

#steem on great